Many people are deciding that raising backyard chickens is the best way to have fresh eggs and this movement is growing in popularity every day.  The rising cost of food and the growing number of contaminated food all make the idea of raising some of your own food sound like a great idea.  Raising backyard chickens just makes sense to a lot of people.

Whether you live in a suburban area or a rural area, raising backyard chickens can be done.  Chickens don’t need lots of room and after you get setup, they are not expensive to maintain.  Keeping a few egg laying hens in your backyard can provide you will enough fresh eggs to keep you and your family going.  The yolks of fresh eggs are brighter in color, taste a lot better and are more nutritious than store bought eggs.  Once you eat a fresh laid egg, you will never go back to store bought eggs ever again. Plus you have the pleasure of watching your hens scratch around in your back yard and you know they are being humanely treated.

Before you take the plunge and start raising your own backyard chickens, you need to make sure that the ordinances in your area allow you to keep backyard chickens.  Local laws vary from area to area with some not allowing any chickens at all while others have no limits at all. 

Keep in mind that even if your local ordinances allow you to have hens, some won’t allow you to keep roosters since they crow a lot during the day and your neighbors might object.  You do not need a rooster in your hen house in order for your hens to lay eggs.  Your hens will happily lay their eggs with no help from a rooster.  A rooster is only needed if you intend to raise your own chicks because you need him to fertilize the eggs.

If your local ordinances don’t allow you to keep chickens in your area, then you can try and change them.  Many people have been able to do this successfully without too much trouble.  Before you get any chickens, you need to go online and check out your local ordinances and laws.  You may be able to local groups that will give you advice on how to change the ordinances in your area.

Raising backyard chickens is fairly easy to do and the results are fabulous tasting eggs.  My backyard hens also provide hours of entertainment for me and my family as we watch them scavenge around the backyard looking for tasty treats.

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