For all Chicken Coop, Chicken House and Pen Lovers out there we’ve built this site to share ideas and knowledge about raising ones own backyard chickens. This site does have links to other sites of similar subject and topics of which you can visit to learn more about building and/or having your own home grown chickens.

We’ve made this site on the idea of pleasing the reader with topics of interest without overwhelming them with offers. However, we will present resources through affiliation or another way to link with products that will most likely enhance your experience with chicken coops and raising your very own chickens. It is also our recommendation that the reader be carefully before making any purchases. Do your research before committing to purchases.

There are so many like websites on the internet and we think it brings a rich array of knowledge and information to the whole world. It is time that people of all walks stop relying on manufactured food and go with organic produce that any one can make within their means.

While on the topic of organic foods, everyone should aim to consume as much as possible organic food of all kinds. Grow your own backyard vegetables. Rotate patches of ground (2 metres by 2 metres) to grow many different vegetables. Couple your vegetables with backyard chickens and you’ve not only got a healthy producing yard for that year but for many years to come.

Having ones own backyard chickens tends to eliminate caged factory raised chickens. Caged chickens in confinement tends to be very inhumane and is always profit driven by its owners. We think giving chickens to run around and socialize with their own kind is more humane.

We wish all a pleasant co-existence with all our animal kingdoms and a joy full of life.
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