How To Start Raising Your Own Chickens!

Are you considering in starting or raising your very own chickens? Don’t know where to start and you need some help in building your chicken coop. In many countries they refer to Chicken Coops as Chicken Pens and in other places they call it simply chicken houses.  Whatever the term you use, pen, coop and house does not matter to the chickens who reside in it.

Our feathered friends who have been looking after humanity for a long time call it “o sweet home” and usually they give you one of the best nutritious of foods humanity can get from a live bird. You see my friend, chickens are worth more to you if they are alive and laying eggs instead of roasted or dead.

What is the advantages to having a chicken coop?

The advantages of having a chicken coop outweigh it’s disadvantages in many ways.  The biggest benefit anyone gets from backyard chickens is the quality of their eggs. You see the eggs that your chickens lay are more nutritious than those found in markets or supermarkets.

The chickens you raise are more organic, are free range and less prone to diseases. They are not confined into small cages and are generally live healthy life and are fed the best grains and left over house foods. The eggs from these chickens contain more proteins and minerals than those from other sources.  They provide any family with pure foods that in-turn help you live a healthy life. There are many recipes for cooking with eggs.

What a re the benefits of backyard chickens

  • They replace one having to keep a dog or a cat instead.
  • Backyard chickens make good pets at the same time.
  •  Even if they are not as smart as dogs and cats they are a pleasure to have in a backyard.
  • Your kitchen and living area of your house stays clean.
  • You can use their droppings in many ways as fertilizers to grow nutritious vegetables.
  • Vegetables love organic chicken droppings.

How to feed the family with backyard chicken eggs

If you find that you have more eggs than you can consume then you can consider giving them to your friends and extended families. I’m sure they will also benefit from consuming fresh and healthy eggs for breakfast.  If you’re not feeding your children with healthy, clean and organic eggs than you’re not doing justice to your family. Consume on the good foods in life. Life is too short to have sickness in the family. Living healthy in the long run will prevent one from having to visit doctors. Best medicine is consuming natural foods.  Your body needs to have clean organic food that you know you can provide.

How to monetize a backyard with a Chicken Coop

If you have a house and a backyard you should consider having your chicken pen, coop or house.  I believe if you can put a nail and hammer into wood then you can start building your own chicken coop with material you can buy from your garden hardware store. It;s cheap to make your own chicken coop with a good quality chicken coop plans.