The eggs are delicious and nutritional food, and ordinary people often consider them as supplements. And regular eating eggs can enhance memory, but also protect the heart and arteries, and prevent cancer, slow aging. But the eggs have their taboos.


First taboo: Do not eat sugar immediately after eating eggs; many places have a habit of eating sugar poached eggs. In fact, it makes amino acids of protein in egg into fructose lysine conjugates. This substance cannot easily be absorbed by the body, so will produce adverse effects on human’s health.


Second taboo: After eating eggs, do not immediately eat the persimmon. If you do this, you may be food poisoning, and if it is the serious situation, you will have acute gastroenteritis or lung stones. In general, eating these two types of food together can cause spit, tumble and abdominal pain those main symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. So if the time is in one to two hours, you can use the way of inducing vomiting. If you take a longer time, you should take some laxatives to get rid of the toxic substances from the body as soon as possible.


Third, do not immediately drink soy milk after eating eggs every morning. Every morning, mother will be very carefully to prepare breakfast for the children. And mothers all hope their children can get adequate nutrition in the early morning. So many mothers are used to putting egg into the soy milk. Or after the children eat eggs, let children drink soy milk. In fact, soy milk contains a special substance called trypsin, combining it with the egg white pine protein in the eggs, will result in the loss of nutrients, reducing both the nutritional value.


Fourth, after eating eggs, do not immediately eat the goose, rabbit eggs. Both contain some biologically active substances, eating together will produce react, and to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea.


Fifth, after eating eggs, do not immediately eat anti-inflammatory drugs. Because eggs are rich in protein, when inflammatory episodes, you should pay particular attention to protein intake. So when the onset of the inflammation, remember not to take medicine after eating eggs. In particular, the people with gastrointestinal disease, or diarrhea, cannot even eat eggs. Eggs containing protein will increase the burden on the stomach, and have influence to the drug effect.


Therefore, when you eat eggs, you should pay attention to the above issues, do not produce threat to your health.

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