Eating eggs has had a rather poor reputation for many years. Many people continue to think that eating eggs is somehow unhealthy. This is really not the case. Read on for more about how good eggs are for you and how to cook them.

One of the biggest things that people think are bad about eggs involves frying them. Again, eggs are a healthy food, and frying them does not make them any less so. You always can choose to use healthy olive oil or canola oil to fry your eggs. But in reality, using a pat of butter is not a big deal, because you are not using that much anywya.

People seem to think frying eggs is bad for you because American society has been taught that fat is bad. But, since the amount of oil you are using to fry your egg isn’t more than a tablespoon, a fried egg is just as good as scrambled in terms of health.

Other people are worried about consuming egg yolks because of the cholesterol in them. The medical facts don’t really warrant a fear of egg yolks. Eggs have been just about totally exonerated from any problems of causing heart disease. Yes there is some cholesterol in eggs, but it does not seem to boost your blood cholesterol levels, at least for people in good health. As a matter of fact, eggs are full of good fats and are likely to help increase your good cholesterol.

Another really good thing about eating eggs is that they stop hunger pangs. If you eat two or three eggs, they help you feel full for several hours. If you eat eggs instead of simple carbohydrates in the morning, you will probably feel full longer. So eating egg yolks actually can help keep you healthy and lean. Egg yolks are also full of vitamins and minerals.

So now that you know eggs are a good part of any healthy diet, you should try to find the highest quality eggs you can. All eggs are not created equal! A good quality egg will have better flavor. A ‘good’ egg is influenced by what the diet was of the hen that produced it. The other factor is how fresh the egg is. So, you want to find the most fresh pastured eggs you can. A pastured egg is one that the hen was allowed to walk around in the grass and eat bugs and other little critters.

To find pastured eggs, you should go to a farmer’s market or to a farm. If the eggs are at a supermarket, they aren’t fresh. You really want to find eggs that are under a week old. So, if you have to buy eggs at the store, at least look at the box date on the bottom of the carton.

You have a better chance of finding fresh eggs if the hens are from pasture, but you can not always be sure. You should ask the farmer and see if you can get eggs from a hen that were allowed to roam in the grass. If you cannot find fresh pastured eggs, then you should try to find a cage free hen. These may have been fed a more limited diet, but the eggs usually have a better taste.

Once you have found good eggs, you should fry them one at a time in a tablespoon of butter or olive oil over low heat and put some sea salt, pepper and paprika. The paprika will make the egg taste wonderful and it has almost a smoky flavor that tastes somewhat like bacon.

You should fry the eggs for about two minutes on every side and try to keep the yolk unbroken.

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