Laying bathroom tile is something any home owner can do with a little effort. Before you begin, you need to take up the toilet. Turn off and disconnect the water supply, loosen the nuts, and just pick it up and set it in the tub. You also need a clean dry surface. You may be able to lay a thin layer of plywood or concrete panel over the existing floor.

The materials you need can be purchased at your local home store. Measure the square footage and allow an extra five percent for waste. You also want a marble threshold to put in the door. To lay the tile, you need to purchase a gallon of glue and five pounds of grout, a notched trowel, a rubber grout pad, a tile cutter, and tile snips. You will need for someone where you bought the tools show you how to use them.

Spread the glue in a straight line next to the tub or back wall. Then, following the wall or tub start placing the tiles into the glue. Push the tiles together as there are nubs on the edge of the tile to keep them the right distance apart. Use your grout float to tap the tiles into the glue. Use a straight edge to make sure you are laying the tile even. As you complete a section, cut any gaps at the wall. You will need to use your snips to cut around the toilet flange. Be sure and wash all extra glue off the surface of the tile and in the grout joints.

Continue the process as you back towards and out the door. Place the marble threshold against the door jamb so that it is under the door when closed. Glue it in place, then make your final cuts against the threshold. Now you are ready for grout.

Mix the grout with clean water in a clean bucket to a thick consistency. Spread the grout with the rubber grout pad pushing it into the joints.

Spread it thinly and evenly over the tiles, making sure you fill in the joints. After you spread on an area, use the edge of the tool to scrape back across the tile like a squeegee and remove as much as you can. Then use a damp sponge to wash the grout off the surface and smooth up the joints. After it dries, buff it with a towel.

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