Want a fresh way to spend time with family and friends? Then Pick-Your-Own farms may just be the right answer for you. It is the best and probably the only way to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables even if you do not have enough space in your garden to grow them.

The Pick-Your-Own (PYO) farming system is also popularly known as U-Pick. It is a type of farming where customers are allowed to harvest locally grown produce. PYO encourages customers to eat while picking; thus, the entrance fees at such venues usually cover any produce that may be consumed. Despite this, admission charges for PYO farms are still significantly lower compared to other leisure spots.

Families, friends, and even work teams can enjoy the place and the food with minimal costs. Since U-Pick fields allow you to choose your own fruits and vegetables, you can certainly pick the healthiest and most beautiful items at the very best prices. Moreover, farmers typically give customers as many choices as possible. You can choose from a variety of crops that are in season, such as peas, tomatoes, asparagus, raspberries, apples, strawberries, etc.

Visiting Pick-Your-Own farms with your kids can help them gain a proper appreciation of nature. This green outing can also encourage them to eat organically manufactured products that are healthier and more delicious. If you live somewhere near or within Louisville, Kentucky, check out Louisville news online and get updates on nearby PYO farms where you could go on a day of fun and farming with your family.

PYO farms help the environment by making greens more accessible to the community, thereby reducing fuel costs for harvesting and transporting crops from other locations. Furthermore, visiting these farms can promote a sense of community among farmers, consumers, and farm owners. Look up Louisville news online for information on special events at surrounding PYO farms.

Online news Louisville city guides provide can keep everyone posted about the closest PYO farms, their seasonal products, as well as harvesting schedules. If your family wants to try harvesting fresh poultry goods, there are also farms near Louisville that are open on weekends.

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