There is a reason because of which the cleantech or renewable sector has caught the fancy of investors. Apparently, the sector promises exceptional returns, ranging between 5% and 8% and even higher on an annual basis especially when it comes to solar farms. Therefore, if you are a potential investor, you may want to consider making an investment in this sector anytime soon if a risk free income is on your mind. However, as you would be requiring the help of a company that’s au fait with the technicalities, make sure that the company is capable of providing investment grade farms.

Of course, biting your arm off won’t help in this situation as you should be more focused on finding the right company in the first place. Perhaps looking for a company that is experienced enough to have its way with quality and risk management processes is in your best interest. After all, if you are looking forward to have risk free income, you obviously won’t want that your allocated investment is returned to the market, which is likely to happen if the quality and risk management processes are not taken care of. In fact, if the company doesn’t know how to handle these processes, you may also have to deal with the issue of ‘wasted time’.

Anyways, if you have already found a company that meets the above mentioned criteria, then it is time for you to consider other important points, which can help you decide whether or not you are about to make a viable investment. For example, choosing a company that develops solar farms is a good idea, but choosing a company that does so without considering Feed in tariff (FIT) and Renewables Obligation is likely to be a daft notion.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to make an investment that makes financial sense, it is important for you to find out if the company has an understanding of FIT and ROC (Renewables Obligation Certificate).

Meanwhile, farms are not the only solar projects that are attracting investors; many of them are also embracing the idea of a solar park. Perhaps you can think about doing the same especially if you have been trying to diversify your income for a while. However, since a park usually covers several fields, the designing and construction requirements are likely to differ from the ones pertaining to the development of a solar farm; make sure that the company can handle the requirements without fail.

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