Making a chicken coop can be fun and educational for the whole family. One of the things that need to be decided on is whether the raising of chickens is for profit or personal use. There are large chicken farms that use a whole various style of chicken coops than the ones made for small scale operations.

Once the decision is made about the size of the operation there is a need to know who is going to collect the eggs. If this is a family operation and children are involved they will need to have access to the nests. If the nests are too high they may not be able to reach the nest and safely get the eggs. There can be a step made for collecting the eggs that could make this job easier but that decision will be made by the person building the chicken coop.

An essential thing to consider when making your chicken coop is also how you are going to clean it. Chickens do not use the bathroom, they expel their waste where and whenever they feel the need. It will be the job of someone to clean this up. If there is a mechanism in place to help this process it would make the job a lot easier and the health of the chickens would be easier to maintain. The accumulation of too much waste could either cause disease or spread an existing one. I cannot stress this point enough.

The materials need to make a chicken coop can vary depending on the budget and needs of the builder. Most are made out of wood, but there are some in warmer climates that have used PVC piping with chicken wire. This type with a roof is all that is needed because of the lack of need to stay warm.

These are just a few of the considerations need to be determined when deciding how to make a chicken coop for the climate as well as purpose you need.

The most critical thing about keeping healthy chickens is making certain that you have an excellent chicken coop plan. For information that you need to have before you start raising chickens, visit us at where you learn about building a chicken coop and lots of other critical information.