Raising chickens for profit is a practice being carried out by many households with fun-loving family members. Although the target of the activity zeroes in on adding significant amounts of money to the monthly household budget, it can’t be denied that home chicken farming can also deliver priceless, intangible things that can further hold the family together.

In the past years, people have become more concerned with the emergence of new serious diseases and the degradation of the environment, and this consequently led to campaigns that fight for healthy lifestyle and well-being. People are generally advised to commit to green habits and keep a diet oriented to organic food sources. Domestication of chicken for family consumption and for small home business is no doubt a part of the advocacy for healthy, socially-responsible living.

In cities filled with tall structures, smoke-belching vehicles, and littered pavements, raising chickens for profit can serve as a breaker to the sad, mundane sights that people see every day. Having backyard chickens in one way or another creates an atmosphere evocative of the life in the countryside: the simple life of breathing fresh air, seeing greeneries, and taking care of animals.

As mentioned, the small business can also play the role in strengthening family bonds. In today’s fast-paced urban lifestyles, family members find it hard to spare time to spend for one another. Parents consume their whole day at work, and kids at school. A common family hobby, even if as traditional and as ancient as raising chickens for profit, can still create a space wherein mom, dad, and the kids can relate to one another the events of the day.

Additionally, activities such as picking up eggs, cleaning the coop, and feeding the chicken can teach kids assume responsibility and hint at the challenge of adults in making a successful living.

Compared to other common home farming animals, chickens are definitely low-maintenance. Raising chickens for profit however is not a walk in the park, and a family household planning to jump into small poultry farming business must be prepared for the challenges of allocating space for the birds, constructing proper chicken coops, budget managing food costs, and maintaining overall cleanliness and sanitation. Each family member should be encouraged to engage in the activity in order to come up with an organized operation system and subsequently establish the results of collective efforts.

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