As rural high speed broadband continues to expand to more and more farms, some farmers are surprised that their counterparts are not jumping on the bandwagon.  This is because those who have signed up for fast service now cannot imagine their lives without it.  In fact, there seem to be a lot of farmers who are somewhat ho-hum about high speed broadband.  Many blame dial up for the slow conversion to broadband.  Some say that the slow connections used through dial up masks the benefits of higher connection speeds.  These experts say that because broadband is so slow, people get fed up and frustrated and give up on the internet before they can ever see the true advantages.  At this point, potential customers also start questioning the extra price even though broadband has so many advantages over dial up service.

Another reason behind the slow expansion of high speed broadband into rural regions is that many farmers are unaware of the availability.  This is still the case in many regions despite the fact that broadband is available in almost every corner of the country and is currently being installed in those areas which are still without service. 

The truth is that the agriculture industry could greatly benefit from the use of high speed internet.  Farmers who do rely on services do so in order to check the weather to know where to water, research new farm equipment before making a purchase, buy other supplies and do banking without having to go into town.  There are also plenty of other reasons to reasons for farmers to use a high speed connection to the World Wide Web.  For example, some companies market services designed just for agriculture such as daily agricultural news and vide seminars.  There is also weather information geared just to farmers as well as other services. 

There are plenty of other benefits for farmers to use as well.  Of course, being in a rural region, it can be difficult to get to town for shopping trips and errands.  Having the ability to pay bills online and do shopping from the comfort of your home, saves time and gas from costly trips into town. 

In addition, the world of faming continues to change rapidly with new equipment and new pesticides coming on the market for each growing season.  Having high speed broadband makes it possible to see what is new on the market as well as get advice and first hand information from other farmers on how the product actually works. 

It is anticipated that as more people become aware of high speed service, more farmers will begin to sign up.  In addition, the prices continue to go down and more people will become aware of the advantages versus the cost.  The internet is here and with more of the world being connected electronically, farmers will have to do the same in order to keep up to date with the latest information and what is going on in the world around them.  

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