Wooden chicken coops have been used all over the world for raising chickens and eggs. The idea of adding a chicken coop to your backyard is getting more and more popular. This article will share the key information you need to get started on your own wooden chicken coop project!

Decide how many chickens you want

The size of your project will depend on how many chickens you want to raise. For a large flock (20-30 chickens), plan on having a walk-in wooden chicken coop with nesting boxes on each side. If you are looking at 4-6 chickens, a smaller coop will do just fine.

Include features that help the chickens

There are several features that help the chickens remain healthy and productive. A well ventilated coop keeps temperatures at an acceptable level. Good insulation will help avoid extremes in temperature as well. The chickens need easy access to their nesting boxes, as well as their perches. Your wooden chicken coops will do well to have these features in the design.

Use top of the line materials

Your wooden chicken coops will be an outdoor structure, so it will be subject to winds, storms, and wide ranges of temperatures. Use wood that has been treated to be water resistant, this will reduce problems due to rotting. The structure of the coop needs to be solid, use 2×4 lumber for cross beams and rafters and 4×4 posts for the mounting structure. Investing in quality materials will pay off in low maintenance and a long coop life.

Keep your supplies close by

You will be the person responsible for providing water and food to your coops, so picking a location that makes bringing these supplies easy will reduce your headaches in maintaining your chicken flock. Also, you will want to keep your cleaning tools close by, chickens produce a lot of droppings!

That concludes our review of the main things you need to know to get started on your wooden chicken coops project. Make sure your plan covers these items, and you will be good to go!

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