We all human beings comfortably live in our houses and lead our hectic and demanding life. Have you ever thought where do chickens live? Chickens live and survive in a chicken coop, a specially designed house that is conducive for the survival and growth of chickens. Our houses are made of wood or cement but a chicken house is made with natural materials like grass, straw, twigs and so on.

There is adequate ventilation in the chicken coop so that there is no presence of an odious smell of the chicken waste. Ventilation is important for the growth, nourishment and survival of the chickens that are staying there.

There is a controversy regarding chicken houses. Some people opine that the natural environment is the best place to grow and rare chickens. The chicken coop may lack in sufficient air, light, ventilation, and so on. This may have a detrimental impact on the lives of the chickens. The chickens should be allowed to stay outside and breathe the fresh air. However, this is not feasible in winters. Chickens are very sensitive in nature. They can fall ill if they are not looked after in a proper way.

Different people suggest and opine various thoughts. Commercial poultry has grown by bounds and leaps in the last decade. However, it is suggested that a coop should be environmental friendly; there should be sufficient and passable ventilation so that chickens do not choke. During winters, chickens should be shielded against bitter cold so that they do not fall ill.

One of the best ways of educating yourself is by browsing the internet. There are thousands of pages dedicated to this topic and you will come across various designs that can be implemented to make a chicken coop in the best possible manner. One of the most popular and promising design is the backyard coop. This is the simplest form in terms of design and maintenance. These coops look very well made and skillfully designed with either a wire or a fence. They are very small and do not occupy much space. The chickens feel closer to nature, and have enough leg space to roam and run about. If you want to make it mobile, then adding wheels is a great and a cost-effective idea. One of the most common forms of chicken coop is known as Eglu and it is impeccably and skillfully designed for urban environment.

You should understand the pros and cons of a chicken coup before building it. The weather conditions will determine the design and the size will depend on the space that is available.


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