Having one’s own chicken coops is fun and quite a hobby. However, the main reason why people get interested in raising their own flock is because of the benefits associated with it. Not only do chickens make excellent pets, they also save a lot of money in several different ways apart from helping in teaching the kids the discipline and the reward of finishing chores.

Benefits Of Having Personal Chicken Coops

Free Eggs:

The most obvious benefit of raising one’s own chickens is the free supply of fresh eggs right out of the back yard. Almost everyone uses eggs in some way- whether it’s for baking cakes or eating an omelet or even using it for the holidays. People are on a constant lookout for ways to get hold of the most organic, freshest products. Harvesting one’s own eggs by owning chicken coops is a fantastic way to start the course of going organic. Apart from saving money, one can even make it a business and earn some extra bucks, -by selling the eggs. The owner can do this by simply putting up a sign on the front yard to let the customers know.

Sell The Chickens:

Another great way to make money by owning a chicken house is by harvesting one’s own chickens. There are a couple of ways for doing this. One is to hatch the chicks, raise them and reap them for meat. However, there are many people who may find the motive very cruel and might not want to do it. For them, there is another option. They can hatch the chickens and then sell them off to butchers who will pay a good price for the poultry. Also, for one’s own meat, one can raise the chicks and then send them to a butcher. This will save a lot of money as opposed to purchasing pre-processed chicken from a grocery store.

Instilling Discipline In Children:

There are many other benefits of having one’s own chicken coops. One of the benefits of raising one’s own chickens is repetition of chores. Raising chickens requires constant repetition of chores which can help children gain discipline and responsibility by taking part in caring for the flock. The child will be required to feed the chickens and water them regularly each day, and also to be sure to keep the eggs boxes clean if raising laying hens.

Also, having one’s own chicken’s normally means one has his/her own fresh, homemade fertilizer. Chicken feces manufacture excellent fertilizer for vegetables and flower gardens. Moreover, apart from this, chickens make superb bug exterminators. They have a habit of pecking all day, scratching and searching for bugs and greenery. Chickens can also act as great organic defense against insects and bugs in the garden. Hence, rather than making use of dangerous pest repellants, letting the chickens ‘graze’ the garden is an excellent way of keeping the bugs away. However, these chickens may also peck on the veggies; hence one has to be careful.

By keeping all these valuable benefits in mind, if one is thinking of raising one’s own chickens in chicken coops, one can transform their backyard into a money making machine.

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