For your Hen party Sheffield is the place to be. AS it is just off the M1, it is easy to get there from just about anywhere in the country. The steel industry has its companion in the milieu of bars, nightclubs and restaurants in this area. Division Street along with West Street houses the main centers of attraction here. The partying student community of these parts ensures that there are a million and one things to do on your Sheffield hen weekend.

Daylight activities include quad biking and paintball among others. For the hens with hearts of steel, you can choose to go off road driving a little distance away from the city center. For the girls who love their art, be sure to make the Millennium Gallery a part of your itinerary. Here, you can immerse yourself in the historic art of the region which is based mainly on metals. After the museum, drop in at The Winter Garden, the best place for coffee. What would a weekend be without shopping? Head to the Castle Market, which is an indoor market on Saturday (it is closed on Sundays). The shops in here cater to all sorts of budgets and quirky tastes so you are sure to find something you cannot bare to leave at the stalls. After your busy morning, you are sure to build up an appetite for the evening and delight in the wonders of Yorkshire.

The Devonshire Quarter is the place to be after sundown – it houses the best clubs in the vicinity. The best thing about partying in Sheffield is that you will not be left with a hole in your wallet – the student population has made way for plenty of discounts about town!

Whatever you do, make sure to get the bride to her wedding!

For more information on Hen party Sheffield, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the Sheffield hen weekend!

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