Don’t lift a finger until you read this. Learn how to build an affordable and easy to build chicken coop.Chickens are not picky animals, but just like any other living things, they also need some basic things in order to live, become healthy, and stay happy. Poultry breeders definitely want their chickens healthy and happy so that they will regularly lay eggs. Being able to gather eggs regularly means having a regular source of income. Thus, happy chickens mean happy chicken breeders too.

How then can a chicken breeder ensure that his or her chickens will remain happy and in good health? There are a lot of things to consider in order to ensure that. However, one of the most important things is to be able to provide the chickens with comfortable chicken coops. Ventilation, size, cost-effectiveness, the amount of time needed to maintain a coop, and the protection that it can offer from predators, are the important factors that should be considered when planning to build a chicken coop.

The presence of enough light is a very important part of a chicken’s life cycle. Chickens sleep when it is nighttime, and they wake up when the sun rises. Thus, a good chicken coop should have windows that face the direction of the sun in order for the chickens to have enough sunlight. If natural light cannot be supplied to them, one needs to find a way to be able to provide artificial electrical light. It must be made sure though that the electrical light system is properly installed in the coop to avoid the chickens from pecking the cord that may cause fire or electrocution.

Having windows in chicken coops is also important for good air circulation inside the coops. Chickens, like humans, also need to breathe fresh air.  Furthermore, creating good air circulation is also beneficial for people who take care of chickens. With good air circulation, the bad smell that chickens create will be lessened.

The second thing that should be considered is the size of the chicken coop that you want to build. You need to decide on the number of chickens that will be placed in a coop. Bear in mind that a chicken requires at least 4 to 5 square feet in order to exist comfortably. Chicken coops should always be of proper size to avoid overcrowding which can lead to disease spreading, aggression, and even cannibalism. In addition, your chicken coops should be big enough to not only accommodate the chickens but the feeding tools as well.

Third, the type of chicken coop that you wish to build should be able to fit within your budget. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt to choose more affordable but still effective materials to build a chicken coop. You can also get some materials for free by asking your neighbors if they have materials like scraps of wood that they no longer need. When building things to be used for a business venture, remember that you should always be able to make the price and quality of the materials go hand in hand.

The amount of time needed in order to maintain your chicken coop’s cleanliness is another important consideration when building chicken coops. Keeping the chickens’ house clean is an important thing to keep the chickens happy. Thus, if you think that you cannot regularly spend a lot of time to clean the coop, choose a chicken coop that has a simple design so that you can easily clean it.

Lastly, a good chicken house should be able to protect the chickens from predators. The safety of the chickens in your coops can be ensured by simply putting doors that have several latches and fit tightly. You can also put a fence around it to veer off dangerous animals.

Having a house where one can rest and live in is a basic need that all living things need to have. Chickens are not an exception to this. Thus, anyone who wishes to take care of chickens should be able to learn how to build proper and comfortable chicken coops for them.


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