House insulation services from Energy Defenders 

If you are looking to add insulation to your new house or want to add insulation to your existing house, then you can benefit from House insulation services from Energy Defenders.

Is it difficult to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home?

According to the US Department of Energy, the cost of heating and cooling a home represents as much as 60% of total energy costs. With utility prices rising year over year, and more and more focus on staying home, finding ways to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable is a high priority.

There are a number of different ways to reduce energy costs in a home, including replacing windows and upgrading HVAC equipment. But the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to reduce home energy costs and make your home more comfortable is by increasing house insulation levels.

Increasing house insulation represents a compelling investment for house owners 

Traditionally, insulation has been used to slow the transfer of heat into and out of the house. However, according to the US Department of Energy, only a small percentage of homes are insulated at the recommended level for maximizing energy efficiency. Inadequate levels of insulation result in greater energy loss (i.e., more heat entering and leaving the home), placing a greater load on the HVAC unit to maintain a comfortable temperature, thus increasing energy bills.  

Optimal levels of house insulation can save you money and ensure the comfort of your home

If the attic, walls, or floors in your house are not properly insulated, you could end up spending too much on your heating and cooling utility bills. Proper house insulation can save you money spent on electric and gas bills by minimizing heat loss and reducing drafts in winter, and by preventing outside heat from entering your home in summer. This would make your house more energy efficient and comfortable too.

Benefits of House insulation

The attic, basement, crawl space and bonus rooms represent the largest sources of heat transfer in a home. That’s where heat enters the home during summer, and where it leaves the home during winter. The purpose of house insulation is to slow and/or stop this heat transfer, so that less heat enters the home during summer and more heat stays in the home during winter. Increased house insulation in these common areas of energy loss will result in the greatest cost savings and increased comfort.

Additional opportunities for energy savings with Energy Defenders house insulation

Water Heaters-Heat escaping from a water heater is a significant source of energy loss and wasted money in the home. According to the Department of Energy, wrapping an insulating blanket around the water heater can reduce the cost of water heating bills by up to 9%. Energy Defenders will help you address these issues for energy savings in your home.

Air Leakage around plumbing fixtures under sinks in bathrooms and kitchens. General air leakage throughout the home, caused by holes around plumbing fixtures or wiring, can be responsible for as much as 15% of energy loss in a home. When combined with proper house insulation, sealing air leaks with foam can contribute to significant savings in utility bills as well as improved comfort (eliminating those annoying drafts).

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I am Elisa Johnson, working as marketing manager at Energy Defenders, a leading insulation company in Atlanta.

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