If you are thinking about renovating your garden there is no better thing that you can do other than building a small garden house. An outdoor shed will look astonishingly attractive and will add value to your property.

There are many different types of garden houses for you to choose and I am sure that you will love each and every one of them for their usefulness! It’s a matter of taste, it’s a matter of you choosing to live your life in a totally different way. Most garden houses are easy to build and you can find all the DIY plans found inside the KIT that you will buy.

A garden house is really useful. You can use it to store your garden tools and yard equipment or as a comfortable office, as a guesthouse at the garden or even a house for the weekend depending on your needs. The choice is always yours. Garden sheds should be stylish extensions of your home. You’ll love the freedom to decorate your shed with decorations that can be classic pieces, contemporary ones or even a mix of both.

Feel like changing now? You can start by choosing your shed type and then off you go for shopping! Tell us its use, even the number of the windows you want, and we will suggest the correct solution for you. Soon you will have a package with all the logs, timbers, windows, doors and assembly material that you need in order to assemble by yourself the ordered garden house. This means lower product and labor cost. What will contain the package? A complete garden house with full and easy to follow instructions!

For example you can see the Technical Description for Magny type: 1. building log 60mm diameter or thickness 2. dimensions to choose 500X600cm. 500Χ800cm.

500Χ1000cm. 3. prepare it for you in the dimension you desire

As for the plan, you’ll be able to see it as long as you ask for it. It can be easily sent to you by email or by fax before you know it.

Finally you will have to decide what will be the color of your shed. Remember to ask the specialized department the store you choose to buy from the water based or ecological paints color catalogue. You can always use two or three different colors having in mind when using all of them the best aesthetics.

“Epi Gis” was founded in 199. The company’s activities don’t limit only at the imports and the disposal of the products in Greece but they are also expanded to technical and constructional area. Ideas for your Garden Small Garden Sheds