More and more hen owners prefer the creation of DIY chicken coops instead of buying coops. Building chicken houses, after all, can be much easier on the pocket, and can give value for your spent money compared to purchasing pre built pens for chickens. Before you build a chicken shed with your own two hands, however, there are some facts about good chicken coop building plans and several tips to ensure that you’ll have the perfect hen house.

The best location to place the coop

One of the very first factors you’ll have to think about is where you’ll build the chicken pen. You should look around your yard and be sure to choose the perfect spot for it. No matter how nicely designed your DIY chicken coops are, if they’re situated in the wrong location, building chicken houses is sure to be a failed activity.

You should see to it that you build a chicken shed on stable soil, and that you construct the pen on a location that does not flood easily no matter how hard the rain is. The perfect chicken coop building plans will also tell you to build one where natural sunlight can stream in, but, make sure that the area is not too sunny, or else, your hens’ health will be affected negatively.

The hen house should have a durable fence

Part of the list of tips on creating DIY chicken coops is to enclose the coop in a fence that’s durable. You should not forget constructing a fence when you’re building chicken houses, as the fences will serve as additional layers of protection from predators such as wolves, bears, and so on. Make sure that the fence is stable enough, high enough, and strong enough.

The coop’s ventilation

Before you build a chicken shed, you should also have chicken coop building plans for ventilation. The coop for your hens should be properly ventilated, especially if you desire happy and healthy hens. It is best that you make room for exhausts, or air vents, or you can place some windows with bars or strong wires so that air can come into the pen, while protecting the chickens from predators at the same time.

Other pointers and facts that you have to consider when planning to put up DIY chicken coops include: creating feeders and placing them in the right positions; building structures where the chickens can perch; and many more.

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