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Chicken is a very healthy food choice for many reasons. It can treat the following body parts and conditions:

• Brain Health
• Thyroid Health
• Cancer Protection
• Heart Health
• Weight Loss

Chicken contains an ingredient called Niacin, which helps keep the brain healthy and helps to prevent people from developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Niacin also helps fight off cancer if a person eats as little as four ounces of chicken per day. From this serving they get close to 72% of the niacin a person needs every day. Selenium, another ingredient in chicken, protects the thyroid and keeps it functioning properly. A study determined that a lack of selenium can cause low levels of T3 and other thyroid problems. The selenium in chicken helps the body’s thyroid hormone metabolism and improves both the immune system and the defense systems for anti-oxidants found in the human body. Chicken also contains vitamin B6, which helps people have a healthy heart. This is because the B6 wards off high levels of homocysteine, which can damage a person’s blood vessel walls. The vitamin B6 also helps construct molecules in the body. People trying to lose weight will often eat chicken because it has less calories and fat, but more protein than red meats do. The protein found in chicken helps people lose weight quickly. In addition to these many health benefits, chicken also helps to boost a person’s energy level. The vitamins B3 and B6 that are found in chicken give the body more nutrients and calories that give people energy.

It may also affect our health when we don’t eat proper chicken so, selecting proper Chicken Poultry Importers are also important besides taking healthy chicken.

The elderly are encouraged to eat chicken because it helps protect against bone loss. As little as 100 grams of chicken breast provide people with more than 50% of the protein a person needs in order to be healthy. Phosphorous is present in chicken and this is why it keeps a person’s bones healthy. In addition, phosphorous is a mineral that improves a person’s oral health and keeps the liver, kidneys and central nervous system functioning normally. Another health benefit to eating chicken is that is has tryptophan, which is an amino acid that is essential to good health. Tryptophan helps raise the level of serotonin in a person’s brain, making it easier for them to sleep. It also acts as an anti-depressant as well.

There are some interesting facts about chicken that proves how healthy it really is. For example, chicken has more polyunsaturated fat than red meats do. Polyunsaturated fat is known as the “good” fat. When it comes to food allergies, chicken is a much safer choice than any other kind of meat because there are not many allergic reactions or side effects related to chicken. In addition to the health benefits of the chicken itself, many of its internal body parts are also healthy to eat. The gizzards, liver and heart are all good for the body also.

Chicken is a very healthy and popular choice among people all over the United States for its many health benefits. In fact, throughout the world, chicken is the most frequently eaten type of poultry because of its health benefits and its availability.

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