Backyard chicken farming is growing by leaps and bounds. Folks from everywhere are getting involved, but raising chickens means a sturdy coop for the birds. To build a good one you’ll need a set of good quality chicken housing plans.

Your coop will have to be built to the satisfaction of chickens if you want long term success.

The actual building a backyard chicken coop is not difficult and it can be accomplished by just about anyone who can swing a hammer or use a hand saw, but it’s not like building a doghouse. It is a more complex structure, but not so complex you have to be an engineer to do it. What is needed is a thorough understanding of what is required to meet the basic needs of the chickens.

For instance Information about the location of the coop in the yard (you don’t want it getting flooded after a rain storm because it was placed in a low area). What about orientation (what is the best way to face the windows and doors)? Where will you put and how will you orient the nesting boxes to best attract the hens to lay their eggs there? What is best location for the waterier and the feeders? This knowledge and more is critical to understand.

Getting good handle on this info will save you time, frustration, and money, because it will be done right the first time. This is where good quality chicken housing plans come in. Quality plans cover it all. Every issue that need to get right to make your project a resounding success.

Keep in mind all the information you need to build a good chicken coop is readily available on the net. But you will have to dig for it, visit multiple websites, make note of what you read to make sure you have all the info you need and then you have to verify it is all correct.

If you are serious you should just buy the plans–form a reputable source. That is–I suppose–is easier said than done, because the question now is; how can you make sure it is a reputable source? The quickest way to make sure the people you are dealing with are good for their word with their product or services is—-do they offer a no questions asked refund-—guaranteed?

Those who do are confident that their chicken housing plans will meet and/or exceed your expectations. If you go through the plans and aren’t happy–they will refund your money gladly to make sure you are. Real business folks aren’t looking to grab a few dollars from unhappy customers.

In conclusion you can scrub the net for the info you need and piece it together or you can spend a few modest, but well placed dollars to have all the answers right at your finger-tips.

There is a terrific free resource at Chicken Coop Center for insightful tips and info on planning, building, and caring for a great chicken coop visit Chicken Coop Center . Com Today!