If you’re looking into various chicken coop designs, there are a few factors that you should know about that will greatly increase the results you get from the chicken house. By taking the time to ensure that these factors are present with your chicken house, you will stand a much greater chance of seeing fresh eggs on a daily basis.

Here is what you need to know about chicken coop designs.

Plan Your Space Size

The first thing that you’re going to need to do if you want to create the chicken house successfully is plan your space size. If you attempt to build the chicken coop to small, the chickens will feel very crowded within and this will impact their ability to give you fresh eggs regularly.

Ideally you want so much square footage for each chicken inside. A good building plan you find on chicken coop designs should give you a formula to figure this out.

Make Sure You’ve Got Good Windows

Next, you should also make sure you’re also placing windows properly in the chicken house. The chicken coop designs you find should include them on the main walls that face the sunlight since then you will get the natural benefits of sunlight coming into the coop, lighting it up so you don’t have to wire in electrical light.

The windows in the chicken coop design are also going to allow for proper ventilation to circulate throughout the chicken house, which will enable fresh air to get in and keep the chickens free from disease. At times when there is not enough fresh air moving throughout the chicken house you will find that the chickens start becoming less active and will not lay eggs regularly. This could very well be due to stagnant air so make sure you’re taking the time to fully ventilate the chicken house.

Create A Chicken Run

Finally, no chicken coop designs plan would be complete without a chicken run. The chicken run will be the main thing that allows the chickens to get out and get some exercise, enabling them to stay healthy and promote good egg laying.

If you’re not letting them get outside for fresh air, they may start to pick at the walls and floor which will decrease the stability of it.

Be sure you are allowing ample space in the chicken run – a good chicken coop design should give you a simple formula for this as well.

So, be sure you are making the most of these points. Doing so will really increase your chances of a successful chicken house so not something you want to overlook.

To get you pointed in the right direction, check out this site that has more information on chicken coop designs.

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