The main reason why we keep chicken and hens in chicken coop is to ensure their safety and protection from bad weather condition and from predators that may kill your chickens and also from theft. But you also have to give some ventilation facility inside. But it should not too larger otherwise coop will not be able to protect from harmful and hungry animals like cat, dog. Ventilation is necessary for both to give them proper air and sunlight and to remove waste material from inside. Hens are very delicate specie so try to keep chickens and hens dry as much as possible otherwise there may be a risk of their death.

It would be nice if the doors of your chicken coops open at inner side rather than outside. If we talk about the types of windows then sliding windows is considered as the best option for this purpose. Different sizes of coops are available, but it depends on the strength of your folk that how much large size you need. Always purchase a little bit larger size so as hens don’t feel frustrated and congested inside.

If you are rearing chickens for the purpose of eggs and want eggs all the year round then electrical source of light would be better than that of sunlight. Another most important thing is the arrangement of water and food inside. You can use two separate dishes for water and food and try to keep it at the height where only the neck of hens can be reached otherwise hens will make the mess of entire food and water. Now after purchasing chicken coop now it’s the time to talk about the place where you will place it. The place where you keep coop should get enough sunlight so that you may give warm environment to hens.

If you are going to build chicken coop by yourself then all the above mentioned points will help you in the process of building coop but even after that it is such a time consuming and tedious task to build it so it is always recommended to purchase it from any good manufacturer.

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