Are your chickens in desperate need of more space?  Does it seem that you cannot afford coops for sale in the marketplace?  If so, building your own may be the best option.  Not only does it let you customize your coop to your own needs and lifestyle, but it also helps you save money and ease the frustration of not having enough room.

Finding tricks for building chicken coops is not as difficult as you may think.  In fact, there are tons of how to guides on the internet, but there is one small problem.  Most of them don’t say anything about price.  This makes it difficult to figure out how much you will need to spend on materials.  By building a chicken coop for your own use, you can save a lot of money, especially if you buy lower grade materials.  Most of these work just as well as their expensive counterparts.

According to some websites, chicken coops date back to the time of the Roman Empire.  And though they come in a variety of designs and structural variations, many people decide that building their own is much easier than having to buy one.

Also, according to studies, building chicken coops for your own use can cut costs by as much as 50 percent.  Even if you purchase an already made chicken coop, it will still require you to assemble it, which takes time and energy-energy that could be used to build your own.

Before you decide to build chicken coops, however, you need to count how many chickens you have.  Figure out how big they will grow.  If you expect your chickens to get large, you need to plan on building a big coop-one which has ample room for nesting and is strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions.

Building a chicken coop with disinfecting materials will also help avoid contamination and keep maintenance to a minimum.  Also, make sure that the door opens to the inside of the coop. 

If you have a small home, building chicken coops can be more complicated.  If this is the case, you may only be allowed to house a total of two chickens.  In small chicken coops, suffocation can easily occur.

Be sure to build your coop fairly close to your home.  This makes it easier for you to take care of them.  Even if building chicken coops isn’t your area of expertise, learning how to build one will help you greatly-especially if you can’t afford one from the store.  You’ll thank yourself for it!

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