If you’re looking to build a backyard chicken coop that will be cost effective and still meet your needs, this is definitely going to be an effective option. The great thing about having a backyard chicken house is that cleaning it, feeding the chickens, and watching over them is all extremely easy – you might not even need to leave your house to do so.

Here is the important information you need to know before building.

Consider The Land Characteristics

There’s a good chance that your backyard varies slightly in the types land elevations, holes, hills, and so on it contains. You’ll want to be sure you have a piece of flat land to build your backyard chicken coop on, so have a good look around first.

Identify where this land is before you even start to plan out the chicken house. If you don’t have any of this land available, then you may want to consider landscaping first.

Think About Proximity To Your Window

It’s also going to be critical that you place the backyard chicken house somewhere that you can see it from indoors. This will save you time if you just want to take a quick peek at your chickens and make sure everything is okay.

If you happen to have a dog or other predators that often roam around your yard again this will be an essential point to consider. While you still should be building some type of protection against these predators, if your chickens are always within easy eyesight, it does give you a bit more piece of mind.

Factor In Weather Patterns

Third, take into account the weather around where you live. Do you live some place that gets a lot of rain? If so, you’ll want to build some shelter over the chicken coop. Likewise, if you’re in a climate that tends to get very cold or has a lot of snowfall, make sure the backyard chicken coop you build is insulated to prevent your chickens from becoming uncomfortable.

So, make sure you don’t overlook any of these factors. They will make a difference in how happy you are with your coop, so don’t take them lightly.

Here is more information on how you can build a chicken house on a budget.

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