Any one can build a chicken coop surely, well most likely that’s true. But how good will it be if you don’t use a good plan? Maybe you’re like me and you enjoy making things and you can build something out of scraps or reclaimed timber. But the finished object may not be exactly what you intended or needed.

And what will the chickens think? Okay so they probably won’t give a cluck, but you can spend a lot more time and effort on a reclaimed masterpiece then if you use a good plan and buy new materials. If you’ve only got a weekend or two to spare you won’t want to waste time making things fit.

I’ve often made things from a “plan” which I sketched on the back of an old envelope, but sometimes you overlook a piece or somehow it looks right on paper but doesn’t quite work in wood. Or you have to down tools and run to the store for more materials, which is annoying and time wasting. And of course you’ve got chickens standing about waiting muttering and criticizing, which never helps, believe me.

If you use a good set of plans to build a chicken coop you will probably find it’s not too expensive either; certainly it could be a deal cheaper than buying a ready made coop or even a “flat pack” coop. And of course you’ll get just what you bargained for.

Naturally you first have to decide what sort of coop you’re going to build. Maybe a good old fashioned hen house or maybe a chicken tractor. “Say what”? That’s right a chicken tractor, I know it creates some weird mental pictures (old Walt Disney’s got a lot to answer for) It’s actually a coop which looks like an old fashioned tent, it has no floor so the chickens can peck and scratch and eat bugs.

It’s normally light and small enough that you can move it around the yard to give the chickens some fresh pasture.

Some tractors or “arcs” have wheels on one end for easy moving, I guess that’s why they’re called tractors. Usually a good part of this type of coop is covered with chicken wire (what else), to give the birds light and fresh air.

When you choose your plans to build a chicken coop a lot depends on what breed of chicken you’re going to keep, are you going to raise chickens or just keep hens for fresh eggs. Some breeds need more space than others. You’ll have to make any coop predator proof to keep out anything from cats, foxes, hawks even dogs. You can learn all you need to know about chickens and coops at Plans For Chicken Coops.