It is important to have chicken coop building plans prior to constructing a coop for your chicken. Raising chicken entails the responsibility of providing them comfortable shelter for nesting and one that will keep them safe and happy.

Hobbyists for building a coop for chicken are gaining in numbers because it is easy to build a coop by yourself. In addition to the fun and exciting experience of building your own chicken coop, you can generate more savings by constructing a homemade coop for your chicken.  

However, it is important to know that one cannot just easily build a chicken coop without any construction plans. There are important elements to consider prior to building a homemade coop for chicken.

First you must include in your construction plan how many numbers of chicken you plan to raise. The dimensional plan of the coop will rely on this data. It is vital to observe the minimum space allotted for each chicken in a coop, which must be at least 4 sq. ft. for each chicken.

If you are considering raising 5 chickens in a coop then you must follow an ideal dimension of 20 sq. ft. for the coop. Building a larger coop than the minimum space required for each chicken is recommended.

Then you must also consider in the design plan of your coop how to provide the chicken with proper ventilation. Chicken need fresh air and a common way to address this is to include in your plan a vent or a window to keep out stale air and let in fresher air. 

It is also important to indicate in the plan where to place the window or vent. Ideal location will be on either the east or the south part of the chicken house where fresh air is likely to come from.

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the chicken coop to give the chicken a healthier environment to live. You must include in your plan how you can easily gain access to cleaning the chicken coop with a personalized design.

A trick that many commonly employ is to provide the chicken coop with a perch. This wi helps provide the chicken a spot where to leave their droppings. You can then place a tray below the perch to collect the droppings for easy cleaning.

Without the perch, there is the tendency for the chicken to leave their droppings scattered anywhere in the chicken coop such as on the feeders, the nesting boxes, or on the water feeders making cleaning more tedious and leaving the coop untidy.

You need to get the exact measurements required to provide the ideal home for your chicken. The nesting box must be deep enough to keep the eggs safe. The ideal depth is 4 inches. 

You are likely to enjoy a bountiful supply of eggs when your chickens are happy, comfortable, safe, and healthy. You can provide them the best and ideal chicken coop by building one that complies with the highest standards of constructing a chicken coop. You can ensure this by sketching out chicken coop building plans that address important factors that will provide your chicken a comfortable home to live in.

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