You want an easy to build chicken coop, Right?

Well, you aren’t alone. All over the world people have embraced backyard chicken farming as an interesting and fun hobby and with good reason; folks are tired of eggs and poultry products tainted with growth hormones, antibiotics, E. coli and salmonella.

To avoid these dangers raising your own chickens allows you your own food supply. What a concept– a fresh, clean food supply within steps of your backdoor.

Raising your own gives you the advantage and knowledge of knowing where your food is coming from, how fresh and how pure it is. Also Chickens make great pets, but unlike dogs or cats will give you more than just love in return for the care you provide. They’ll give you daily fresh eggs.

Raising your own chickens does require some effort on your part. Your chickens will need a home.

You either need to buy or build a chicken coop. If you choose to purchase you will need to lay out a fair bit of money and in many cases you will still have to assemble it in your yard.

Building your own has several advantages. One is a much lower cost. Two recycling materials into a home for your chickens is a great little green benefit and three as you build their home you will get a better understanding of your flock.

Follow easy to use plans and build a quality and sturdy coop simply.

Good quality plans make it easy to build a chicken coop. No question is left unanswered. They point out the areas that cause most people problems and show you want you can do to avoid those problems. They will lead step by step in any easy to read and understand format.

They will help you make an easy choice of many of the great designs available.

They will show you what tools and materials you’ll need to finish the project. They will cover issues like the best location and orientation in your backyard.

They also cover things most of us when we begin wouldn’t think of–like where to position nesting boxes, roosting areas, feed, water supplies and windows. How many birds equals how much space?

See, planning is the key to an easy to build chicken coop. If you are aware of what you need, where you need to place it, and how much space is required, in advance of your project, it will be become an exercise in perfection. (Well maybe not that, but it will be pretty darn close).

Build your coop right the first time and duly impress not only family, but your friends and neighbors as well.

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