Most people who raise chickens will need a proper home or coop for them. When raising chickens you want them to be as comfortable as possible and building a well constructed chicken coop will defiantly fulfill their needs.

When people who raise chickens want to get a chicken coop they usually will buy one from a manufacturing company or will pay someone to build one. You can save a lot of money by procuring one yourself.

You may be thinking to yourself “do I have to be a skilled carpenter to construct a decent chicken coop.” The correct answer is no. Building a chicken coop is not hard at all but you can’t just take a few pieces of wood and nail them together, you have to have a plan.

Another important factor for building a coop is the materials and equipment used. It is quite obvious that you will need a hammer and some nails, some wood, and other miscellaneous tools to get the job done. When getting the material and equipment for any job you want to match efficiency with the least amount of cost possible. For example if you are buying 2in nails there is no need to buy stainless steel and pay 20 dollars more if you only need regular nails.

Before you start actually building your coop you really need to go in depth of how big you want it to be. If you have over 20 chickens your raising you can’t build a 4’x4′ coop and expect your chickens to be comfortable. You should decide how much space you want each chicken to have to be comfortable then go from there and figure out how big the coop should be.

The happier your chickens are the more productive they will be. Chickens can save you tons of money on eggs which will, in turn, pay for the tools and equipment you have bought to make you own chicken coop.

Another factor to remember is that it is good to have a feeling of accomplishment from building something rather than just buying it or have someone else build it.

CLICK HERE to get a detailed Chicken Coop plan that lays out the materials and equipment used along with a step by step instruction based plan with pictures on how you can build your very own chicken coop. This plan will also explain the cheapest and most effecient route in constructing your chicken coop.

How To Build a Chicken Coop Part 1 - The Home Depot

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