Having good chicken coop designs is important when you are going to build a chicken house that will not only keep your chickens safe, but also make your life easier when you collect the eggs, feed the chickens, and clean the coop. These are just a few of the items that you need to take into consideration before you get started.

You have probably heard of all of the benefits of raising chickens, the biggest one being more self sufficient in your lifestyle. If you are going to lead a more self sufficient life then you should start out by building a chicken coop on your own. If you have any old wood or other materials laying around you could use them in the building process. This isn’t necessary, but it saves on cost.

I had a friend that raised a large number of chickens and would use an old concrete slab with a bunch of re-bar sticking out of both sides. He took some flexible PVC pipe and attached each end to the re-bar so it formed a bunch of arches in a row. He then took a large tarp and used it as a cover. Then he placed some nesting boxes inside for the hens to lay eggs in. He didn’t really spend a lot of time over his chickens since he had just about every farm animal you could imagine. The great thing about chickens is that they don’t need too much to keep them happy. While just about any sort of shelter will work you should probably think about what your needs are.

Some of the things to consider before you start this project is the location, size, and look of the coop. Do you have a lot of space or is it going to be in your backyard. This is important to think about. Chickens will do fine cramped together in a small space but they will be much more happy with a little bit of room. If you have a small back yard then you will want to build a smaller house and raise a fewer number of chickens. If the coop is going to be in your backyard then you will want something that will look aesthetically pleasing as well as very functional.

A good set of chicken coop designs will not only show you how to properly build a chicken house but teach you how to care for your chickens as well.