In this writing you will be provided with free chicken coop instructions. Did you ever think of constructing a chicken coup, but was not certain of how you should put it together or you were even unsure of the materials you should use, or you may even have thought that the cost would have been cost prohibitive?

The truth is that the cost of constructing a chicken coop should not drain your funds, and you may even find that some things can be had for free. To begin with, it is possible to reduce the cost of the construction because your materials can be just about anything that will give shelter.

Even lawnmower sheds have been used by some people. You can build the coop from scratch and not depend on a structure that has already been built. Check out construction sites of new built homes or visit a lumberyard.

Look for pieces of lumber you may use and ask for permission to take them for your coop. These places will have scrap unused materials they regularly throw away. By taking these materials you will help save the landfills and get your materials for free.

At the construction site you should look for unused shingles and ask for those also. They will also be thrown away if not used. There are wastes exchange programs in some cities where scrap unused materials may be bought or exchanged by its members, instead of being thrown away.

There are two ways to create the chicken roosts, either by using tree branches that will be nailed as needed, or you may use 2 by 2 or 2 by 4 lumber. When designing the roosts, avoid placing the perches, in larger coops, in places where you will need to be able to walk, or for smaller coops, where reaching in to get the eggs will be necessary.

You may locate old windows at a used furniture store, and select ones that will be just right for a coop. The construction of the coop should start with the floor and wall frames.

Depending of the size of the chicken coop you are building, the size and frame of the walls will vary. The sides of the coop will have a smaller dimension that the front and back of the coop. The frame and walls will next be nailed to the floors of the coop.

Plywood or wood boards can be used to construct the chicken coop if you run out of boards. Place the nesting boxes in position after the perches are build and the building has been finished. Straw for the eggs should be put in the boxes. Inside the boxes, place straw for the eggs. With these free chicken coop instructions, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your new chickens fast!

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