Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Best Wow Gold Guide: Utilizing The Finest Gold Farming Classes

The mage class is considered one of the best to make gold with if you’re a gold farming vet. This is because of the mage class’ ability to lure mobs almost as much as they want, and that they can do some cool area damage that other classes can’t. You can notice why this ability is considered so valuable if used smartly. But how can you put the mage’s ability and put it all together to create some serious gold.

At level 17, the hunters become even more powerful as they get a speed buff called Aspect of the Cheetah… Continue reading

WOW Gold Guide Will Tell You Some Farming Techiques

There are some basic WOW Gold Guide farming techniques that you can find. There are a number of basic and in-depth gold farming techniques available within the WOW realm. We all know in order to acquire the best and most effective weapons, the most proficient armor, as well as all those other things in the World of Warcraft game, you will need a little financial backing of in-game gold.

Considered one of the first and most popular methods of gold farming is learning and using the in-game Auction House or AH as known by avid WOW players. Believe me when… Continue reading

Start-up your own snail farming business : chicken farming

So it is in your head and you are going for it – Run your own snail farming business that is. Except it’s a new venture for you – you have on no account done it previously and you need a helping hand, baby steps to achieve your goal. Do not worry we will cover all the support you will need.

Being the boss means making hard decisions every day of the week, nevertheless they are your decisions and, unlike when you labor for others, you in reality get to make them! Now and again, and especially in the snail… Continue reading

Gold Farming Spots In Wow : chicken farm

If you are a new player in the world of warcarft and wants some great spots to gold farming. This is the easiest way to makes some money or gold in the game that will helps you to go to the next levels of the game.These are some best places where you can easily find the items that are selling in the market and bring you the gold. There are lots of other places in the world of warcraft for gold farming, it is your ability and power to find that spots and earn the good points and goes up… Continue reading

Pig Farming – One Of The Most Profitable Business Ventures

Pig farming is one of the most profitable business ventures one could take. Everybody needs to eat and pork is one of widely used in all parts of the world so it’s nearly impossible to run out of clients or customers. As one might expect, pig farming takes a lot of time and energy but it is not too difficult.

There are two ways you can raise your pigs: on the pasture and on a barn or hut.

1) Pasturing Pigs.

You can leave a pig to pasture for pig farming as long as you have a wide enough area… Continue reading

Farming News: Bringing The Cumberland Pig Back From Extinction : chicken farming

The Cumberland pig has been extinct from over 50 years with the last pure bred Cumberland pig is reported to have died in 1960. But at the beginning of 2008 a sow was born that farming news sites are reporting as having 99.6% similarities in DNA to the extinct Cumberland pig. The pig was part of a breeding program set up by Tony Bowes who runs the Wetheriggs Animal Rescue & Conservation centre in Cumbria.
The original Cumberland pig was used to make the traditional Cumberland sausages and Cumberland ham but the breed developed slowly and the meat was rather… Continue reading

Fear Of Heights? Sky Farming Not For You!

Fooled you! Sky farming isn’t done on the outside of hillsides or steep mountainsides. It is a plan by scientists, architects, environmental health specialists, water and sewage specialists and idealists to reduce the burden on the planet: feed the ever growing population of human beings by building specialized skyscrapers to do just that.

Farfetched? Not according to Dickson Despommier, a professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University. He has been developing the concept of vertical farming since before 2001 and is its leading proponent. Although Despommier says there are no real vertical farms extant at this time, there are… Continue reading

Common Terms
Molt or molting:
Usually happens once a year where a chicken will shed some it’s feathers to regrow new ones. During the molting season the chickens will not produce any eggs.
During the night a procedure is used to light up with a small light bulb. Also used to find out if an egg is fertilized or not by shining the light through the egg. An ideal way to separate the eggs with a growing embryo and those that are good to sell or consume.
Chicken jokes
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road halfway?
A: She wanted to lay it on the line.