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Duck Farming – Starting Out On Your Expertise

Duck farming can be a rewarding experience for you. For a few, it’s even become a lot of than just a suggests that of livelihood. It has additionally become an enjoyable activity for many. After all, you’ll need to understand the way to properly raise your ducks thus that you may be able to induce the foremost out of it.
Initial factor you would like to try to to is to induce yourself the proper equipment. The essential equipment will be people who you would like for watering and feeding your ducks. Chicken feeders can do simply fine. A specialty… Continue reading

Duck Farming – Starting Out On Your Experience

Duck farming can be a rewarding experience for you. For some, it has even become more than just a means of livelihood. It has also become an enjoyable activity for many. Of course, you will need to know how to properly raise your ducks so that you will be able to get the most out of it.

First thing you need to do is to get yourself the proper equipment. The basic equipment will be those that you need for watering and feeding your ducks. Chicken feeders will do just fine. A specialty water stand is recommended so that water… Continue reading

Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Duck Farm : chicken farms

When it comes to poultry keeping, you may think about chickens first. Chickens have always been one of the favorite animals that farmers liked to keep for centuries. It is not surprising, for the demand for chicken eggs and meat are continually on the rise, and studies show it will continue thus in the future. However, as of late, more and more farmers raise ducks. It has been found that an average of about twenty-two million ducks is raised every year. Indeed, duck rearing is becoming fast popular.

Duck rearing can be an enjoyable and profitable endeavor. Their eggs contain… Continue reading

Duck Housing – Simple Building Tips For Successful Duck Houses

Unlike poultry housing, duck housing is less expensive. They can be made from simple materials. Nevertheless, there are still a few significant points that you need to consider in terms of duck housing. First of all, ducks need protection against predators. Even if you have domesticated a duck, this does not mean that it is already safe. Dogs, cats, and even rodents can act as predators. So, the whole housing must be predator-proof. It must be made from simple yet sturdy materials such as wood and bamboo. Then, the housing must also provide protection from harsh weather conditions. Even if… Continue reading

Candling Chicken Eggs – Candling Duck Eggs : chickens eggs

What is Egg Candling?

Egg Candling is the process of using an illumination source to determine whether or not the eggs you have are fertile. For this, all you really need is a flashlight and a dark room, although if you want to get really precise and well-lit, you should buy an egg candler. For candling duck eggs, candling chicken eggs, and candling quail eggs, the procedure is pretty simple:

What to Do- How to Candle Chicken Eggs

For chicken egg candling and duck egg candling, just hold the beam of the flashlight behind the egg while you are in… Continue reading

Common Terms
A juvenile or young hen.
In colloquial terms, it’s what they call a chicken’s butt.
Chicken jokes
Q: Why does a chicken coop have two doors?
A: With four doors it would be a chicken sedan.