Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Things to Consider Before You Build Your Own Chicken Coop

If you are going raise only few heads of chickens then it is best to build your own chicken coop that is portable for added flexibility on your part. Movable coops are great for small numbers of chickens because it provides ease in transporting the hen house from one location to another. This is particularly beneficial in protecting the chickens from intense noon time and summer time heat; by allowing you to easily move the house to shaded areas in your property.

Noon time heat can build up inside the building; especially if the coop is under direct sunlight. However,… Continue reading

Top Things to Plan For a Large Chicken Coop

You are going to raise chicken and build a coop for them but do not know what to do and how to do it right. Then this article is for you. A large chicken coop can be best for a large numbers of chickens. Read on this article to have some basic information to successfully build a chicken coop.


Chicken coop plans come in all styles and sizes. Small chicken coops are generally for the backyard enthusiast who wants to raise 3-8 birds or so. If your plan is to raise more than 6 birds then plan to be… Continue reading

Build a Chicken Coop – Things to Think About

One of the main reasons we decided to get chickens was because when I was little wee used to have chickens and the eggs were always better than the stores. Of course, once we decided that we wanted chickens I had to figure out what to do for a chicken coop.

Buying one was out of the question because they were so expensive! For a backyard builder such as myself a coop seemed like the perfect plan.

Of course that’s before I found out just how complicated building a chicken coop really is. I’ve come up with a checklist that… Continue reading

Things You Should Consider About Raise Backyard Chickens

Backyard chicken coops are small coops surrounded by a barrier. This barrier enables the chickens to move around, and hunt for insect. The chickens are kept for different purposes, including for food in the rural areas and for business in the urban area. Hereafter are some advantages and disadvantages of backyard chickens:

Advantages of backyard chickens:

* There are useful for many purposes and they provide additional income for some people.

* They help in getting fresh eggs every day, which tastes better, is very nutritious and is very good to health.

* The waste that is generated by the… Continue reading

Caring For Chickens – Never Ever Do These Things

You don’t know how to go about caring for chickens. Heck, hardly anybody who’s been brought up in an urban environment knows how to take care of chickens.

That can be a problem if you’re trying to set up your own chicken coop for the family, or if you’re planning on putting up a small-sized hatchery business. But don’t worry. While it might not sound like an easy endeavor, setting up your own hatchery is actually pretty easy.

And once you’ve got your coop set up, taking care of your livestock isn’t as difficult as it sounds – in fact,… Continue reading

The Hen House and a Few Things to Consider Before You Start

Predators! Weather Conditions! Available Space! Number of Chickens! How Much Time and Money You Want to Spend! Answering these and a few other questions will greatly improve your experience with raising organic chickens and eggs.

1) Size of The Hen House

To maintain happy and healthy chickens, 4-6 square feet of living space is required. Happy chickens produce more eggs! How many chickens you house, in turn, will give you an approximate size you need. You also must decide if a chicken tractor (mobile house) or a regular fixed house is right for you.

2) Buy the Hen House or… Continue reading

Important Things About Chicken Coop Plans

One thing that has grown very popular of late is regular people on to grow their own chickens. Obviously, owning your own birds has many benefits, namely the numerous fresh and organic eggs you will get on a continuous basis. But, in order to have these benefits, it’s important that you choose chicken coop plans carefully.

The fact is many people want to save money at the same time. However, a prefab chicken coop to purchase is extremely expensive, and that cost turned many people off. This would leave someone to have to build his or her own coop. Of… Continue reading

Common Terms
A method used determine the sex of a chicken.
A contraption that delivers water when needed in the coop.
Chicken jokes
Q: What happens when a chicken eats gunpowder?
A: She lays a hand gren-egg.