Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Building a Chicken Coop ? Construction Terms

Are you planning on building a chicken coop but get confused on some of the terminology? I want to share these basic terms you might want to know and what they mean to you when you’re building a chicken coop.


A truss on any structure is at the top of the roof a frame. The truss when building a chicken coop will also be located at the top of your roof. The truss can be pre-fabricated or built in place the trusses add stability and shape to your roof.


A stud is a single piece of lumber that… Continue reading

Important Terms To Know About Raising Chickens : chickens eggs

Raising chickens is incredibly fun and very rewarding.  They are amazing pets and are unfortunately underrated and not thought of as first options by people looking to buy pets.  They are very friendly, deliver fresh eggs and also make great gardeners.  Your chickens will fertilize your plants and kill pest and bugs in your yard for you.  I have put together a list of common words used when talking about chickens that will be important to know if you are getting into the wonderful world of chicken raising.

Bantam – A small chicken that is roughly… Continue reading

Common Terms
Part of a chicken’s digestive system that is found in the esophagus. This is the first stage where digestion starts.
This is process of caring of the fertilized egg to mature into an embryo and then a chick. Heat is applied to maintain constant temperature until the chick has grown sufficiently to hatch out. Incubation takes about 21 days before the eggs are expected to hatch.
Chicken jokes
Q: What happened when the hen ate cement?
A: She laid a sidewalk.