Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Small Scale Farming Could Be Courting An Indefinite Sun Set : chicken farming

Samoe has set to leave crop cultivation for smart! Once bitten, twice shy. He has been bitten many times. Samoe is simply among several young people abandoning small scale cultivation to strive their hands in other things. Several factors are driving people far from their farms. Tiny scale farming is no longer a viable occupation and farmers in the third world don’t have the resources to venture into high-tech and mechanized tiny or giant scale farming. Facing environmental and economic challenges, small scale farmers currently need support than ever before, if their farming is to become an attractive occupation and… Continue reading

Maximizing storage space in small houses


Usually, size of a house is not the same if you visit many countries; some people live in small houses while other prefer to stay in huge houses that seems gigantic(houses tend to grow with their owners wealth). The tend for home size is that the people choose to live in smaller apartments or houses.


Small houses advantages

What motivates people when considering to build a small house? Maybe a simpler life, low cost or smaller mortgage?

For people in general, it is able to walk everywhere from concern for the environment (fewer resources in construction), for economic… Continue reading

Small Chicken Coop Plans Could Possibly Be The Most Suitable Choice For You : plans for chicken coop

If you’re searching to build a new chicken coop, but do not desire a point that may take up much space, after that tracking down a few small chicken coop plans is totally required. On this page I would like to talk about a few points that you need to realize regarding this sort of constructing plans and ways to maximum benefit level of make use of out of your place.


1. Although it in fact is likely to end up rather… Continue reading

Build a Small Backyard Chicken Coop : chicken coop plans

Have you tried building a chicken house when you were a kid? There was a plan, I remember, when I was a kid when they wanted to build a chicken hutch. The blueprints just made my head spin. However, it supported me. In fact, it gave me a feeling of pride even when I was still young then.

Now that I am grown up and have a family of my own. One of my sons asked me if they could put up a chicken hutch too just like I did when I was younger. I told them they can do… Continue reading

Construction of Small Chicken Coop

Not all hen owners need large houses for their chickens. If you only have a small number of chickens a smaller-sized hen house will suffice. If you’re a chicken owner, you can purchase a coop, but, if budget is a concern, or if you want to take on a project that’s not that difficult and can give you a sense of fulfilment, try do it yourself construction of small chicken coop. Plans for chicken houses can be found on the internet, but for a one stop resource that includes instructions and plans it is best to buy a good… Continue reading

Small Chicken Coops Blueprints : plans for chicken coop

If you are a chicken keeper that only has a a small number of chickens, you will not require a large chicken house. On the other hand, in order to rear a sizable flock you will want a larger coop for this purpose. You will find that small chicken coops can house anything from a few to double digit numbers of birds. Anything more than that will require a medium-sized or even larger chicken coop.

If you do go for one of the small chicken coops, be sure never to overfill it with chickens as this could cause problems. A… Continue reading

An Essential Guide to Chicken Health For the Small Scale Chicken Keeper

It is becoming increasingly more popular to keep chickens in your back garden. In addition to the benefits derived from having delicious, free-range eggs easily available for your kitchen, you can enjoy the benefits of chickens as a companion pet.

As a rule, chickens are very reliable birds and do not require very much veterinary attention. The health issues that most commonly afflict chickens are parasites, including mites and lice. The presence of these parasites can result in uncomfortable animals, in much the same way they can affect dogs and other mammals. It is important to monitor your chickens for… Continue reading

Common Terms
Fertilized egg groups that hens tend to incubate.
Used for the nesting area of the chicken. Usually composed of shavings of wood, haystack pile, or newspaper. Main purpose is for the absorption of droppings and odor. Furthermore, it can act as a cushion for eggs when the hen lays one.
Chicken jokes
Q: What do you call the outside of a hand gren-egg?
A: The bombshell.