Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Raising Turkeys – Is Keeping Turkeys With Chickens A Good Idea?

You might have started raising turkeys and you are thinking of keeping turkeys with chickens, would that be a good move?

Most professional turkey growers are not open to that idea. Turkeys are highly susceptible to the Blackhead organisms. 100% mortality results if they contract the disease and they have not been protected with proper medication. A lot of chicken carry Blackhead organisms but these organisms have no apparent effect on them. One of the cardinal rules of turkey growers is avoid the practice of keeping turkeys with chickens.

What is Blackhead disease? And why is keeping turkeys with chickens… Continue reading

Raising Chicken Tips: Requirements for Building a Coop

A coop is what you normally call a chicken’s house. It’s their kingdom! A hen’s castle. So you have to make sure to keep their house maintained at a four star accreditation for this will help the chickens grow healthy and happy. Therefore, to keep it the way it should be, there are specific requirements to cope up with to build a coop that will satisfy both you and your chickens. You, the poultry owner, of all people should understand this.

Requirement #1

Regarding its design, the coop must be secured from any kind of predator. Every single angle in… Continue reading

Raising Chickens For Eggs – Is It Worth It And What Does It Take?

Raising chicken for eggs can be done for commercial and household purposes. The price increase of household stuff and food products has caused many people to cut down on household expenses. As far as food products are concerned, there are those who have taken up livestock breeding to augment their need for food supplies. Raising chicken for eggs is an example of such. Because it can be done at home, raising chickens is easy and one can gain lots of profit out of it.

So what does it take to raise chicken for eggs? The following are the things to… Continue reading

Info on Starting to Raise Chickens – Raising Chicks in Your Backyard! : laying chickens

So, you need info on starting to raise chickens. And you have the roost all set up and ready for the new inhabitants to move on in. You want to be totally sure that everything is ready when they arrive otherwise there could be utter chaos as you try and get them organized and situated.

Once the baby chickens arrive you will want to examine them extremely well. If they arrive diseased or in poor health let the postal worker see that. Part of their job is to verify that your shipment has arrived alive and in good condition so,… Continue reading

Raising Chickens ? They Provide Those Delicious Eggs And Make Great Pets Too

All over the country you can hear the gentle clucking of millions of chickens as they scratch around in the backyard. What is going on? It seems that raising chickens has become an extremely popular pastime in many households, where these feathered ladies strut their stuff, to the amusement of the family who have probably just enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fresh, healthy, wholesome eggs.

It is fact that raising chickens is no longer the preserve of the country dwellers, in fact, “urban warriors” have taken to keeping chickens in their thousands. Maybe it is the promise of all those… Continue reading

How to Shake the Winter Blues by Raising and Breeding Guppies for Fun and Profit

Breeding guppies is easy to do, and it’s also very enjoyable. Once you start breeding guppies you can sell them to fish stores, or even to pet shops that sell live bait, or give them away to friends and family. To get started you need two aquariums, two 10 gallon tanks will do just fine. One of the first things you want to do is select a couple pairs of high quality guppies to breed, most of the guppies sold in fish stores are what is know as low quality stock, and they are not very hardy and good for… Continue reading

Facts You should Know Concerning Raising Broilers Chickens

If you are thinking about raising chickens for meat production, then you may want to give some thought to raising broiler chickens. When you already possess various capabilities in breeding a flock or so of hens, then you could finish up executing a whole 3 hundred and sixty simply by raising broiler chickens. A number of ideas are similar whilst others are the very same opposite. However, fact still remains that even though you understand certain things about raising chickens, there is certainly no problem with reading more facts about raising broiler chickens. Here’s the things that you must know… Continue reading

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Common Terms
A treat made for chickens that are composed of different kinds of grains; this is the one that is scattered on the ground. It can also be referred to as the behavior chickens make wherein they use their claws to dig up either worms, bugs, rocks, and tiny little insects that are inside the ground.
In colloquial terms, it’s what they call a chicken’s butt.
Chicken jokes
Q: How do you stop a rooster from crowing on Sunday?
A: Eat him on Saturday!