Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Build a Chicken Coop – What You Need to Know

There are several different things you need to take into consideration when building a chicken coop. For starters, we want the chickens who will be living in it to be healthy. It’s also important that it look nice and be easy to clean.

I’m going to go over the different aspects that you need to think about when building a chicken coop. First, we’re going to go over the appearance of your chicken coop.

Although it’s really secondary to the health of my chickens, it’s important to me that my chicken coop looks nice. Who wants to have an eyesore… Continue reading

Facts You should Know Concerning Raising Broilers Chickens

If you are thinking about raising chickens for meat production, then you may want to give some thought to raising broiler chickens. When you already possess various capabilities in breeding a flock or so of hens, then you could finish up executing a whole 3 hundred and sixty simply by raising broiler chickens. A number of ideas are similar whilst others are the very same opposite. However, fact still remains that even though you understand certain things about raising chickens, there is certainly no problem with reading more facts about raising broiler chickens. Here’s the things that you must know… Continue reading

Know about the Best Farm Equipment

For all the commercial grade agricultural developers and farmers, there is a rich bonanza in the best of farm equipment available today. You have the basic operations such as traction and power to think of, besides the actual operation of planting. You have the aspects of fertilization besides pest control and cultivation as well as irrigation and harvesting. All these operations have been mechanized in a large scale agricultural enterprise. Today, you have the field cultivators that are pulled with the help of tractors and may vary from 10 ft in size to as much as 80 ft. The larger… Continue reading

The Need To Know About Chicken Pox : chicken run

When you ask the average person name a childhood disease, the majority will respond with the chicken pox. For those who aren’t familiar with chicken pox, they are tiny little red bumps that seem to crop up overnight along with a fever. The hardest part of having the chicken pox is trying not to scratch your body because these little red spots itch like crazy and scratching them can leave you with scars. There is a vaccine out there, but like anything else, it has its pros and cons.

Well some will tell you yes and others will tell you… Continue reading

What You Need to Know about the Laws Keeping Chickens : laying chickens

The laws on keeping chickens vary, and should be considered, in this order:

First by city or town
Then by county (or geographical area)
Then by state (or province)
Then the Federal statute (or at the national level)

There are a few broad categories that each scale addresses and that are:

Your individual safety
The treatment and safety of the animals, i.e. chickens
The public’s safety

First and foremost, of course, is your personal safety. How are you keeping these chickens? Do you have the proper equipment, the proper housing equipment, equipment for monitoring? You’ll want to check with experienced… Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Cat Breeds A-Z



Are fond of animals? How about cats? If you are inclined to keeping cats at home then you might be interested to know the cat breeds a-z. Yes, you have just read it sight. There is actually cat breeds a-z that you need to know and you can choose your favourite cats from cat breeds a-z. Indeed cat breeds a-z offer you a wide variety of cat breeds that you can choose from. There are various categories that you can get from cat breeds a-z. What else should you know about the cat breeds a-z? Where can you… Continue reading

The Secret You Do Not Know About Eggs

Egg is one of the best sources of quality protein, which contains 12 kinds of vitamins and minerals, a small amount of the OMEGA-3 fatty acids, a large number of lecithin and so on health ingredients. In addition to a little high cholesterol, eggs are simply impeccable food. Most happy is that the egg is really cheap! In an era of the house, clothes and shoes, as well as pork prices have skyrocketed, eating an egg just needs a few cents.

However, if the eggs are cooked improperly, I am afraid its health benefits should be offset by the disadvantages.… Continue reading

Common Terms
Molt or molting:
Usually happens once a year where a chicken will shed some it’s feathers to regrow new ones. During the molting season the chickens will not produce any eggs.
Poultry show:
A type of competition involving ornamental breeds of chickens. The owners get awarded for their efforts. Judges are used to give points on attributes. Other poultry like ducks and geese are also part of the competition.
Chicken jokes
Q: How do chickens dance?
A: Chick to chick.