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Small Scale Farming Could Be Courting An Indefinite Sun Set : chicken farming

Samoe has set to leave crop cultivation for smart! Once bitten, twice shy. He has been bitten many times. Samoe is simply among several young people abandoning small scale cultivation to strive their hands in other things. Several factors are driving people far from their farms. Tiny scale farming is no longer a viable occupation and farmers in the third world don’t have the resources to venture into high-tech and mechanized tiny or giant scale farming. Facing environmental and economic challenges, small scale farmers currently need support than ever before, if their farming is to become an attractive occupation and… Continue reading

Common Terms
Veterinary term used to describe ridding animals of parasites.
A juvenile or young hen.
Chicken jokes
Q: What do call a chicken who got too close to a nuclear plant?
A: Atomic cluck.