Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Raising Chickens For Eggs – Is It Worth It And What Does It Take?

Raising chicken for eggs can be done for commercial and household purposes. The price increase of household stuff and food products has caused many people to cut down on household expenses. As far as food products are concerned, there are those who have taken up livestock breeding to augment their need for food supplies. Raising chicken for eggs is an example of such. Because it can be done at home, raising chickens is easy and one can gain lots of profit out of it.

So what does it take to raise chicken for eggs? The following are the things to… Continue reading

Raising Chickens ? They Provide Those Delicious Eggs And Make Great Pets Too

All over the country you can hear the gentle clucking of millions of chickens as they scratch around in the backyard. What is going on? It seems that raising chickens has become an extremely popular pastime in many households, where these feathered ladies strut their stuff, to the amusement of the family who have probably just enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fresh, healthy, wholesome eggs.

It is fact that raising chickens is no longer the preserve of the country dwellers, in fact, “urban warriors” have taken to keeping chickens in their thousands. Maybe it is the promise of all those… Continue reading

Learn The Latest Tips on How To Build A Chicken Coop? : chickens eggs

At homes, many people like to keep chicken in order to have fresh meat and freshly laid eggs whenever needed by them.Small children at home like to have newly hatched chicks, because they look very cute. As the weather in most of the countries is very cooperative, there is no special season to buy the chicks.

It becomes necessary to build chicken coops when we start to keep chickens at our home. Many purposes are there for building a chicken coop.Chicken coops based on the purposes for the layers, the breeders and growth out coop is also there can be… Continue reading

Eggs Nutritious Eating Wrong But Pernicious To Health – Eggs – The Pharmaceutical Industries

Egg nutritional value and health care functions:

1. JiannaoYizhi Egg yolk lecithin, glycerin, Cholesterol And yolk factors, and physical development of nervous system plays a significant role. Lecithin is digested, it can release acetylcholine, choline improves memory in all age groups.

2. To protect the liver Egg protein in the liver tissue damage repair. Egg yolk lecithin can promote the regeneration of liver cells. Can also improve the human plasma protein, enhance the body’s metabolism and immune function.

3. Prevention of atherosclerosis U.S. nutritionists and medical workers to use the eggs of atherosclerosis prevention, access to the amazing unexpected results… Continue reading

Build a Proper Chicken Coop – Easy Tips and Techniques : chickens eggs

Raising chickens in the backyard has become the most popular mini business. People are more inclined to have fresh organic eggs right from their own backyard chicken coop instead of buying the stale eggs from shops and markets. Using the easy tips and techniques and implementing them to your hen coop will make your chicken coop an eye-pleasing and a perfect safety for your chickens.

Make a safe-built chicken coop

Your chickens need protection not only from the predators, but also from the extreme weather conditions in the surrounding. The natural elements like rain, snow and summer heat are marring… Continue reading

Homemade Chicken Coop – Save Yourself Money : chickens eggs

In these days of recession saving yourself money is a really smart thing to do, with prices escalating and wages either staying stationary or in some cases going down, any savings on your monthly shopping bill is a great help. Now to the crux of this article, do you realise that two things on your shopping bill that are getting more expensive are eggs and chicken (did I do that right, or does the chicken come before the egg?) Now there are varying opinions on how long this recession is going to last so why not save yourself some money… Continue reading

Five Care For Chicken Tips : chickens eggs

It shouldn’t be too hard to understand the reason why the owners of small-scale hatcheries and backyard egg need to know how to care for chickens well.

Growing your own livestock is just like taking care of your own pets, except that these aren’t exactly the kind of animals you’d want to keep indoors. All jokes aside, however, this is the most important thing you need to remember: if you’re thinking of raising some fowl, you have to make sure that these birdies won’t die out on you because of neglect.

But the question is, how exactly should we take… Continue reading

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Common Terms
This is process of caring of the fertilized egg to mature into an embryo and then a chick. Heat is applied to maintain constant temperature until the chick has grown sufficiently to hatch out. Incubation takes about 21 days before the eggs are expected to hatch.
Started pullet:
A juvenile hen that has started laying eggs.
Chicken jokes
Q: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
A: To get to the other slide!