Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Build Chicken Coop Easily With These Tips

If you believe that it will take several weeks to build a chicken coop you are probably wrong. If this is the case then you should rethink this a little bit more. Following the right plans you can build chicken coop easily with these tips in just a few days or a couple weekends and experience great results while following these tips.

Three things to that you should consider to be able to build a chicken coop successfully.

1. Design The Complete Inside Prior to Construction:

To start with as you begin to build chicken coop is certainly spend some… Continue reading

Building Chicken Coops The Easy Way – How To Easily Construct Chicken Coops

It is possible to find a seemingly endless selection of designs, concepts and plans for structures intended to contain chickens. Such buildings run the gamut from detailed multi-story buildings to basic structures encircled by chicken wire. Prior to spending substantial resources on expensive coops, it is wise to conduct a bit of research to learn how to construct your own chicken coops easily and quickly.

Fortunately, chickens are not terribly persnickety animals. They requirements are few and fundamental. Chickens need shelter from rain, sun, snow and cold so that their eggs remain protected. Also, they need ample room to nest… Continue reading

Common Terms
Dust bath:
A natural way that a chicken protects itself from lice and mites that may invade their feathers and feed on their blood. A chicken will dig a hole in the ground and immerse their bodies in earth that has been loosened. The chicken will rub itself into the dirt until it is content and satisfied of it’s efforts.
It is the part of the chicken where poop, eggs and other waste matters pass.
Chicken jokes
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the other side!