Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


When To Create Your Own Chicken Coop Design

Raising chickens does not only provide fun; it also provides income if you would put extra effort into it. Chickens are like people that also need a place to stay in. When you create your own Chicken Coop Plan, it is important that you base it on what you need. Hence, you can either have a small or a big coop, depending on the number of chickens that youre planning to raise.

There are a couple of designs that you can choose from in making your own chicken coop. But before you select which one to imitate, there are some… Continue reading

Chicken Coop Designs – 4 Essential Tips on How to Design the Perfect Chicken Coop

There are so many chicken coop designs floating around the internet, how do you know what to look for, and what you should run away from? The fact is, most designs are cheap, ineffective, and will probably cost you a lot of money in the long run in extra supplies and maintenance costs. Look for these 4 things when choosing or designing your own chicken coop:

#1 – Easy Cleaning

Is the chicken coop design you are looking at make it a snap to clean? This is where most chicken coop blueprints fail. A good design will always allow easy… Continue reading

Build a Chicken Coop — Design Considerations

The first thing you should think about when building a chicken coop is the appearance and design. How many chickens do you have? Will you need a small, mid or large size coop? Please remember that if you have neighbors they will probably be able to see your chicken coop. It doesn’t cost any extra to make a pretty chicken coop, but your neighbors will thank you for it.

When building your chicken coop plans remember that you’re going to have to clean it out. The easiest way to clean it out is put the chickens in the fenced area… Continue reading

Realize The Dream House With House Plans By Great House Design : poultry house

Fulfilling one’s dream house becomes feasible with practical house plans by Great House Design. Great House Design prides itself on the practicality of its designs which are elegant but functional and cost effective as well. The goal of Great House Design is to provide those special, small touches that make a home a more comfortable place in which to live and give it individuality as it designs each home as if it were its very own.
Great House Design has a portfolio of house plans consisting of designs from 34,000 square foot mansions to simple but elegant homes. Most of… Continue reading

Chicken Coop Design – Building a Chicken Coop is Easy!

There are some important things you should consider before you go looking for a chicken coop design. These considerations will help to ensure that you build a coop that meets all of your needs. While you can often move a  coop at a later date, it’s best to just put in the needed thought beforehand so that you can get some satisfaction from your placement decisions.

These are the most important factors you should consider when making plans for a chicken coop design.

Breed of Chicken

Different types of plans are required based on the type of chicken breed,… Continue reading

Useful information about a chicken coop design


We all human beings comfortably live in our houses and lead our hectic and demanding life. Have you ever thought where do chickens live? Chickens live and survive in a chicken coop, a specially designed house that is conducive for the survival and growth of chickens. Our houses are made of wood or cement but a chicken house is made with natural materials like grass, straw, twigs and so on.

There is adequate ventilation in the chicken coop so that there is no presence of an odious smell of the chicken waste. Ventilation is important for the growth, nourishment… Continue reading

Which Chicken Coop Design Is Right For You? – A Look at Different Types of Chicken Coops : chicken coops

Caring for chickens requires an area that will protect them from external elements, such as wild animals that can hurt or kill them, an area where they can be easily kept in comfort and convenience, and an area where eggs can be efficiently collected.

Making a coop is the perfect way to satisfy these three requirements for improved chicken care. A chicken house is a small dwelling place for animals, which provides a nesting place for chickens without compromising their freedom. Different types of coops exist today, most of them created not just by professionals, but also by simple owners… Continue reading

Common Terms
In colloquial terms, it’s what they call a chicken’s butt.
Molt or molting:
Usually happens once a year where a chicken will shed some it’s feathers to regrow new ones. During the molting season the chickens will not produce any eggs.
Chicken jokes
Q: Why were the hens lying on their backs with their legs in the air?
A: Because eggs were going up.