Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Things to Consider Before You Build Your Own Chicken Coop

If you are going raise only few heads of chickens then it is best to build your own chicken coop that is portable for added flexibility on your part. Movable coops are great for small numbers of chickens because it provides ease in transporting the hen house from one location to another. This is particularly beneficial in protecting the chickens from intense noon time and summer time heat; by allowing you to easily move the house to shaded areas in your property.

Noon time heat can build up inside the building; especially if the coop is under direct sunlight. However,… Continue reading

Tips to Consider Before You Build Your Own Chicken Coop

As you prepare to construct your very own chicken coop, there are a few factors you may want to consider to ensure that you make the safest, most secure place for your chickens so that they are able to lay eggs comfortably. It is a shame that many people overlook these construction tips, which usually results in reworking certain portions of the coop as changes have to be made. Given here some tips you should consider.

Watering Location

Your chickens must always have access to fresh water. The waterer must be large so that it lasts all day, and it… Continue reading

Things You Should Consider About Raise Backyard Chickens

Backyard chicken coops are small coops surrounded by a barrier. This barrier enables the chickens to move around, and hunt for insect. The chickens are kept for different purposes, including for food in the rural areas and for business in the urban area. Hereafter are some advantages and disadvantages of backyard chickens:

Advantages of backyard chickens:

* There are useful for many purposes and they provide additional income for some people.

* They help in getting fresh eggs every day, which tastes better, is very nutritious and is very good to health.

* The waste that is generated by the… Continue reading

City Chicken Coops – Some Factors To Consider In Your Building Plans

Caring for chickens, even in an urban environment, is becoming more and more popular. Chickens can be fun pets after all, and can give you eggs you can use for food, or you can profit from when you sell them. Before buying chicks, however, you should know more about city chicken coops and what should be included in the building plans. Read below to find out more:

Some people think that choosing a design for the coops is enough. The truth is that there are still a number of things you have to do and several factors you should consider… Continue reading

Chicken Coop Construction Tips to Consider

As you prepare to start with your chicken coop construction, taking some important factors into consideration will be essential. Many people overlook these points and wind up running into problems with their chicken house down the road.

While obviously you want the chicken house to look as nice as possible, it’s also vital that the overall design works for you as well.

Here are the main points to think about.

Consider Your Predators

The first thing to remember is what type of predators you have around the chicken house – if any. You want to be especially careful of wolves… Continue reading

The Hen House and a Few Things to Consider Before You Start

Predators! Weather Conditions! Available Space! Number of Chickens! How Much Time and Money You Want to Spend! Answering these and a few other questions will greatly improve your experience with raising organic chickens and eggs.

1) Size of The Hen House

To maintain happy and healthy chickens, 4-6 square feet of living space is required. Happy chickens produce more eggs! How many chickens you house, in turn, will give you an approximate size you need. You also must decide if a chicken tractor (mobile house) or a regular fixed house is right for you.

2) Buy the Hen House or… Continue reading

Chicken Coop Blueprints ? Top 3 Important Factors to Consider

Hence, it is imperative that the coop must be designed in such a way that it is not too hot inside during extreme hot condition like summer; and it should also have several provisions for the chickens to hide for shelter during cold seasons. Consequently, the chicken coop blueprints should have ample space above that is sufficient enough to promote good airflow inside the room for proper ventilation.

Coop designs with proper ventilation will keep the chickens fresh even during intense noon time heat; hence, it is best to keep most of the sides open using only wire mesh for… Continue reading

Common Terms
A treat made for chickens that are composed of different kinds of grains; this is the one that is scattered on the ground. It can also be referred to as the behavior chickens make wherein they use their claws to dig up either worms, bugs, rocks, and tiny little insects that are inside the ground.
Roosting pole:
A perch that is made out of wood. It can be constructed and put inside the coop.
Chicken jokes
Q: What do you get if you cross a chicken with a bell?
A: A bird that has to ring its own neck.