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Chicken Pen Plans – 3 Tips For Choosing the Right Chicken Pen Plans : chicken house

Have you been thinking about raising chickens? If so, you will definitely need some sort of chicken pen to provide shelter for your chickens. There are so many different styles of pens so how do you choose which chicken pen plans will work best for you? Here are a few tips to help you decide.

1. How many chickens will you raise? This is probably the most important factor to consider. If you do not have room to keep more than about four or five chickens (or do not want a lot of chickens), then you may want to look… Continue reading

Choosing a Hen House – Choose Wisely and Think of it As an Investment

Having decided to go ahead with your plan for backyard chicken raising, the first and most important thing you will need is adequate housing for your birds. After all, you do want your feathered friends to be safe and comfortable so that they are going to reward you with a constant supply of those delicious, healthy eggs each day. So, choosing a hen house should be looked on as an investment.

Here are some basic factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a hen house

a) allow sufficient room for your hens. Convention says you should allow… Continue reading

Choosing the Right Size For Your Chicken Coop

Before you start the building process, one of the most important things is that you’re choosing the right size for your chicken coop. Individuals who do not put enough time and consideration into this process often find that they build a chicken coop that does not meet their needs properly.

If you build it too small your chickens will not be laying eggs properly, so it’s vital you’re making sure you’re doing what you need to correctly to get your daily supply of fresh eggs like you wanted.

Here are the main things that will factor into you choosing the… Continue reading

Choosing the Right Size For Your DIY Chicken Coop

As you get set to build a chicken coop it’s vital that you’re making sure it’s the right size. If you aren’t taking the time to put some consideration into this there is a much higher chance that your chickens will not lay eggs on a continual basis, hence you’re going to run into a number of problems. There are a couple of contributing factors that will go into deciding which is the right size to build your DIY chicken coop, so understanding them all is important. Here are the main ones you should consider.

Number of Chickens You Want… Continue reading

Build a Chicken Coop – Unavoidable Tips For Choosing a Perfect Chicken Coop Plan

It is true that building a perfect chicken coop is much difficult as comparison to raising your chickens. However, hen coop built a plan needs a one time attention and attempt, but once done successfully, it proves as a safe abode for your favorite chickens to live in and around. Therefore, building a hen house may be some sort of laborious task, but it becomes a reward of safety to your hens. So don’t be casual about building a chicken coop. After all, the quality chicken house will give healthy, qualitative and productive chickens and eggs. In this regard, you… Continue reading

Choosing a Chicken House of the Right Size : laying chickens

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when you are building a chicken house is the size. If your chickens begin to feel crowded at all, they are not going to be laying eggs as optimally as they could, thus you’re not going to do as well with that chicken coop as you had hoped.

Many people overlook this factor and wind up having to rebuild all over again to meet their needs once they realize the mistake.

Here are some guidelines to follow.

Small Chicken Houses

If you are only going to be housing two to… Continue reading

Choosing Your Chicken Coop Design

Lately, more and more city people have taken to raising their own chickens. Certainly, the benefits are quite obvious as these incredible birds provide us with organic eggs and food. Of course, in order to go about this, you have to choose your chicken coop plans carefully to ensure their well-being and then some.

For someone who wants to save money and have these fresh eggs, purchasing a pre-built coop is often out of the question, due to its high cost. So that would leave you with building your own. But don’t be discouraged, because it really is easy to… Continue reading

Common Terms
Bits of rock, sand or clay that chickens tend to consume to aid in digestion.
Droppings Tray:
A tray used to collect chicken droppings. Use the droppings in place where fertilizers or manure is required.
Chicken jokes
Q: Why did the turkey cross the road?
A: To prove he wasn't chicken.