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The Snowshoe Cat Breed

The Snowshoe cat is a relatively new breed and it is particularly rare. They first originated in Philadelphia in the United States when a Siamese cat gave birth to kittens with the snowshoe pattern. The owner began to promote the breed and created a breeding program to continue this new breed. To this day, it is difficult to reproduce the correct coat markings of a Snowshoe cat. The Snowshoe coat is defined by point coloration with a light body and darker ears, face, legs and tail. They also have white feet which is where the term ‘snowshoe’ comes from. Their… Continue reading

The Turkish Van Cat Breed : chicken breeds

The Turkish Van cat breed is a breed of ancient decent. They originated in the Lake Van region of Turkey around five thousand years ago. Their build is a moderately strong, muscular body. They have a semi-long coat that has a cashmere-like texture. The Turkish Van cat is a unique cat in that they are fascinated by water and have been called the “swimming cat”.

This breed is active, energetic and very intelligent. They are friendly and social cats and do well with strangers, and also make a great family pet. These cats get along with children and other pets… Continue reading

The New Breed FAQ : chicken breeds

Because i keep hearing questions about The New breed or aka TNB. I will try to answere these as best as i can.

Q:What is TNB?

A:TNB is the highly anticipated book featuring two sections (Perfection Inside and Perfection Outside) written by The Inner Circle, or TIC. It features revolutionary cocepts with never before seen advance techniques in the seduction business. TNB is a follow-up of “The Crash Course” or CC which is absolutly FREE.

Q:How is TNB diffrent from all the other seduction materials out there?

A:Unlike the other seduction materials out there, TNB is customed tailored for each… Continue reading

Savannah Cat Breed : chicken breeds

The wild-cat look-alike Savannah cat breed is a hybrid domestic breed that is a cross between the Serval and a domestic cat. A Serval is a medium-sized wild African cat. The Savannah breed originated in 1986 and became more established in later years. They were recognized by the International Cat Association in 2001.

These cats have a slightly larger, more muscular body than most domestic cats. They are tall and slim with male cats typically being larger than females. The coat of a Savannah cat is typically a light color with darker, wildcat-looking spots. Their coat is short and coarse… Continue reading

The Singapura Cat Breed

The Singapura cat is one of the smallest of all cat breeds and it is recognized by its large ears and eyes. They are also characterized by a brown ticked coat and a blunt tail. They have a stocky and muscular build and a short, fine coat. A full-grown female Singapura cat typically weighs about 5-6 pounds while a full-grown male weighs around 6-8 pounds. The breed reportedly originated in Singapore and is named after the traditional name for Singapore.
These cats are described as curious, playful, and active. They are very affectionate and enjoy human interaction. They also enjoy… Continue reading

The Sphynx Cat Breed : chicken breeds

The Sphynx cat lives up to its majestic name with a unique appearance and captivating eyes. This cat is hairless so it does not require any grooming and will not leave hairs throughout your house. These cats are very devoted and loyal and enjoy spending time with their owners. They also enjoy wagging their tails much like a dog might do. These cats are playful and active cats and are occasionally vocal.

These cats originated from one hairless cat which produced a hairless kitten. The kitten and its mother were bred to produce more hairless offspring which greatly limited the… Continue reading

Want To Breed Geese? Learn The Most Popular Goose Breeds Today! : chicken breeds

Did you know that geese make up a huge percentage – around twenty, in fact – of the poultry industry? This is the reason why many farmers these days are eager to know every bit of information they can about every goose breeding, but most especially the popular ones.

If you’re interested in breeding geese, whether your intentions are related to profit-making or investing in a new hobby, it would do you well to find out and learn more about goose and breeding or the different kinds of goose types out there. Of course, since there are a great number… Continue reading

Common Terms
A treat made for chickens that are composed of different kinds of grains; this is the one that is scattered on the ground. It can also be referred to as the behavior chickens make wherein they use their claws to dig up either worms, bugs, rocks, and tiny little insects that are inside the ground.
Fertilized egg groups that hens tend to incubate.
Chicken jokes
Q: How did the chicken end up in the soup pot?
A: The farmer's wife told her it was a chicken jacuzzi.