Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Things to Consider Before You Build Your Own Chicken Coop

If you are going raise only few heads of chickens then it is best to build your own chicken coop that is portable for added flexibility on your part. Movable coops are great for small numbers of chickens because it provides ease in transporting the hen house from one location to another. This is particularly beneficial in protecting the chickens from intense noon time and summer time heat; by allowing you to easily move the house to shaded areas in your property.

Noon time heat can build up inside the building; especially if the coop is under direct sunlight. However,… Continue reading

Tips to Consider Before You Build Your Own Chicken Coop

As you prepare to construct your very own chicken coop, there are a few factors you may want to consider to ensure that you make the safest, most secure place for your chickens so that they are able to lay eggs comfortably. It is a shame that many people overlook these construction tips, which usually results in reworking certain portions of the coop as changes have to be made. Given here some tips you should consider.

Watering Location

Your chickens must always have access to fresh water. The waterer must be large so that it lasts all day, and it… Continue reading

Breeding Sheep – A Beginner’s Guide Before You Start Raising Sheep

Sheep husbandry or breeding sheep is the act of breeding and raising domestic sheep for the purpose of harvesting its milk, wool, or meat. The top sheep producing countries in the world are: Australia, New Zealand, Iran, United Kingdom, Turkey, Syria, India, Spain, Sudan, and Pakistan. These countries have the most favorable climate and environment for breeding sheep which is why they are the top producers of sheep in the world. If you are planning to become a sheep breeder, the environment and climate where you are in must closely resemble those of the countries listed above in order to… Continue reading

The Hen House and a Few Things to Consider Before You Start

Predators! Weather Conditions! Available Space! Number of Chickens! How Much Time and Money You Want to Spend! Answering these and a few other questions will greatly improve your experience with raising organic chickens and eggs.

1) Size of The Hen House

To maintain happy and healthy chickens, 4-6 square feet of living space is required. Happy chickens produce more eggs! How many chickens you house, in turn, will give you an approximate size you need. You also must decide if a chicken tractor (mobile house) or a regular fixed house is right for you.

2) Buy the Hen House or… Continue reading

How to Build a Chicken Coop – Important Factors to Consider Before You Build a Chicken Coop

When you first start your research on how to build a chicken coop, you may quickly find out that it can be one of the most confusing tasks facing the beginning chicken farmer. There are thousands of different  variations, along with a myriad of factors that need to be taken into account before you decide on a final design.  And that’s just for the chicken coop plans  not any of the other factors such as material choices, construction methods, or placement of the coop to just to name a few.   Below you’ll find three of the… Continue reading

Chicken Building – Tips to Help Before You Start Your Chicken Building

One of the most common mistakes is that people will have too many chickens in a small area.

Each chicken, to be happy and healthy (producing eggs consistently), will need at least 4 square feet of living space. If there are too many in a small area they tend not to lay eggs on a regular basis and also can more easily become ill.

A good first step is to make sure you have enough space to house your chickens comfortably. If your space is limited, you need to start from the square footage available, divide by 4 and then… Continue reading

Building Chicken Coops – What to Do Before You Build : chicken coops

No one ever said it was easy to build chicken coops.  You have an endless amount of designs to choose from, and you have very specific needs.  Perhaps you have a small yard, or your current chicken coop is overcrowded.  When you own a chicken coop, these are all problems you must consider.

Oftentimes, the coops available in stores don’t have exactly what you want.  They are too big or too small.  And though you may have a limited amount of time, deciding to build chicken coops may be your best option.  So where… Continue reading

Common Terms
An auto feeding container that delivers and holds feeds for chickens.
Fertilized egg:
Is an egg that carries an embryo later to become a chick.
Chicken jokes
Q: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
A: To get to the other slide!