Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens


Advantage Vertical Farming

It has been estimated that about eighty percent of the total population of our plant will be centralized mainly in the urban segment around 2050. Considering the present scenario and the population growth percentage we can come to a conclusion that the conventional farming process will not be sufficient to feed this enormous populace across the world. As per the present statistics and based on FAO source it can be said that excepting the inefficient management in some countries the remaining land for cultivation stands to approximately 60% of the total land. Unfortunately this will be inadequate to meet the… Continue reading

Advantage Of Buying Chicken Coop Plans

For many people as the cost of items the store keeps going up they try to find ways to become self sufficient. One way that a person can do that quickly and easily is to have some chickens running around in the backyard. For some, this idea may seem kind of old fashioned for others though this is the perfect solution. However, before starting out on this venture they need to know about the positives of buying chicken coop plans.

One benefit of using these style of plans is they generally are developed by a professional. A professionally designed plan… Continue reading

Common Terms
Molt or molting:
Usually happens once a year where a chicken will shed some it’s feathers to regrow new ones. During the molting season the chickens will not produce any eggs.
This is process of caring of the fertilized egg to mature into an embryo and then a chick. Heat is applied to maintain constant temperature until the chick has grown sufficiently to hatch out. Incubation takes about 21 days before the eggs are expected to hatch.
Chicken jokes
Q: What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?
A: An eggroll.