Your Very Own Chicken Coop

Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens

What to Expect From Chicken Coop Kits

There’s a lot of questions as to what your chicken coop kit needs to have in order for it to be considered as a definitive and complete kit. But in truth, what your kit should contain is pretty much up to you.

After all, you’re growing the chickens – you should know what materials and equipment you need to build your chickens a house.

I mean, otherwise, why the hell are you building a chicken house in the first place?

But of course, it’s a lot easier knowing exactly what to look out for when thinking of building a chicken… Continue reading

Reasons to Buy Pet Houses Online : poultry houses

Today a lot of people will turn to the internet whenever they need to buy anything from their weekly food shopping to insurance products. If you are looking for great pet houses that will accommodate your pet dog comfortably outside you need to make full use of the Internet. When you do this you will be able to locate dog houses with the minimum of fuss and order them to be delivered to your home. If you are undecided about shopping in this way here are some of the best reasons to buy pet houses online.

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Portable Chicken Coop: Move Your Own Chickens From One Location To Another One Without Having The Inconvenience

Occasionally, you coulddiscoverthat youneed to haveto movemany ofyour own chickens in adifferentplace. You will findnumerousreasonsexactly whyyou wouldwant to do this nevertheless theessentialthing to think aboutis thatchickensmay bechallengingto safely move, especiallyin the event thattheir wings aren’t clipped. The particularthingthat maytake care ofyour owndifficultiesis really a portable chicken coop sincethey also make transporting chickens a great dealless complicated.

Good reasons for MovingChickens

A great deal of chicken farmers may possiblynot evenrealize that they will have a needto transfertheir own chickens. Alsoin the event yourequireto movesome chickens coming from1coop to another, a portable coop actuallyis useful.

Additionalreasons for relocating the chicken containgetting it… Continue reading

Raising Turkeys – Is Keeping Turkeys With Chickens A Good Idea?

You might have started raising turkeys and you are thinking of keeping turkeys with chickens, would that be a good move?

Most professional turkey growers are not open to that idea. Turkeys are highly susceptible to the Blackhead organisms. 100% mortality results if they contract the disease and they have not been protected with proper medication. A lot of chicken carry Blackhead organisms but these organisms have no apparent effect on them. One of the cardinal rules of turkey growers is avoid the practice of keeping turkeys with chickens.

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Advantage Vertical Farming

It has been estimated that about eighty percent of the total population of our plant will be centralized mainly in the urban segment around 2050. Considering the present scenario and the population growth percentage we can come to a conclusion that the conventional farming process will not be sufficient to feed this enormous populace across the world. As per the present statistics and based on FAO source it can be said that excepting the inefficient management in some countries the remaining land for cultivation stands to approximately 60% of the total land. Unfortunately this will be inadequate to meet the… Continue reading

The New Vancouver Island Wind Farm

Many regions across Canada and the United States are looking into wind power as a viable source of energy, and now Vancouver Island is jumping aboard the bandwagon as well. A brand new, $ 280 million Vancouver Island wind farm was recently given the go-ahead by the British Columbia government, and will provide significant amounts of energy to the province’s power grid.


The Vancouver Island wind farm will be located on the island’s northern tip, and will include 47 wind turbine generators on 10,000 hectares of land. The turbines will be able to create up to 100 megawatts of… Continue reading

Would You Like to Create an Affordable Chicken Coop? : chicken house

The very first thing you must do if you’re taking a look at building a hen coop for your personal grounds is determine how to construct a backyard chicken house. To construct that you’ll need to get hold of detailed excellent plans for chicken house building. Luckily you can acquire numerous superb chicken house model projects via the internet while not settling a king’s ransom to get them. It is often a good idea to get rooster coop recommendations from one of those people who has actually undergone the actual procedure and built a rooster house.

When Should You Really… Continue reading

Common Terms

A castrated rooster.
Ornamental breed:
Show birds often seen and used in fairs to showcase their stunning stature and appearance to the crowds. These breeds do not function as egg layers or for meet consumption.

Chicken jokes

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the other side!