Egg is one of the best sources of quality protein, which contains 12 kinds of vitamins and minerals, a small amount of the OMEGA-3 fatty acids, a large number of lecithin and so on health ingredients. In addition to a little high cholesterol, eggs are simply impeccable food. Most happy is that the egg is really cheap! In an era of the house, clothes and shoes, as well as pork prices have skyrocketed, eating an egg just needs a few cents.

However, if the eggs are cooked improperly, I am afraid its health benefits should be offset by the disadvantages. Almost every family eats eggs, but how to cook it? Common household cooking methods are just a few: cooking eggs, fried poached egg, or scrambled eggs, and steamed custard. In addition, there are different practices in the restaurant, such as egg yolk baked pumpkin, fried dumplings and a variety of dishes. These dishes are very delicious, but whether their cooking methods can cause health problems?

To answer this question, we need to talk about which is not conducive to healthy changes may occur in the egg cooking. The first thought is often “vitamin destruction,” such as egg yolk is rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin A and so on. However, the determination of the United States Department of Agriculture data show that for a family of several cooking methods, because the heating time is shorter, the changes of these three vitamins are not very large.

From protein digestion and absorption rate, if it is not deep-fried to a yellow crisp extent, the differences between steamed, boiled, fried, sautéed and other several cooking methods is not great. However, you do not so happy. Some people usually do not know the health indicators, which is cholesterol oxidation, fat oxidation and glycated protein product formation and the proportion of fatty acids and fat content.

Although people all know that egg yolks are rich in cholesterol. In fresh eggs, cholesterol is strictly protected, and if it did not see oxygen, it will not be oxidized. Therefore, the measurements show that the new production of eggs during the first few days, the degree of oxidation of cholesterol is almost zero. However, with time, cholesterol gradually began to be oxidized. However, the oxidation ratio is still low, because after all, there are protection of eggshells and egg white. In addition, when cooking eggs with the heating time, the degree of oxidation of fat and cholesterol in the eggs will rise, and the longer the cooking time, the greater the loss of vitamin E, and the more fat and cholesterol oxidation.

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