So you decided to raise chickens in your backyard, great decision! Now the question is how are you going to get your chickens? Are you going to buy them as chicks and raise them to adults or are you going to buy fertile eggs and hatch them yourself? Also what kind of housing will you choose for them? Or will you build your own chicken coop?

If you are going to raise the chicken from a fertile egg you will need to find a source that has high quality eggs and you will also need to get an incubator, ideally one that has an auto turn feature because you would not want to be turning the eggs all the time.

It is ideal that the area you choose to incubate the eggs be a sterile environment you do not want your newborns to be contaminated at birth.

If you are going to buy the chicks and raise them yourself you will need a chicken coop of some kind. There are a variety of options including style, sizes and shapes. Another option you have is to get a set of chicken coop plans and assemble one yourself, which would save a lot of money, and you would allow you more options rather than have to choose from models already built.

After you have secured your chicks by incubating or buying and you have your chicken coop assembled it is time to decide what you are going to do with your new chicken farm. You can raise eggs for yourself and to sell some, you can raise chicks until they are old enough to sale, you can do both!

Raising your own chickens will certainly not make you wealthy but it can be a great healthy hobby and a source of entertainment, better than sitting in front of the television for hours!

If the idea of raising your own chickens is an appealing idea the best place to start is providing a chicken coop for them!

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